Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Saints Vs. Patriots 1st Quarter

Welcome to the first quarter of the showdown of nerves between the New England Patriots and the famous New Orleans Saints.  The Saints come into the game 10 and 0 but with a secondary ravaged by injuries.  Let's hope Will Smith and co. can get to Tom Brady enough times or this could be a tense shoot out.

And the Pats will kick us off...  Courtney Roby takes it at the 7 and runs it straight up the middle to the 35.  Great start my man.

Courtney Roby Saints
Saints Courtney Roby - Redefining the 1000 yard stare

1st down Saints.
Brees to Devery Henderson down the left sideline and... Connects for 33 yards.  Outstanding throw by Drew Brees.

1st down Saints at the New England 32.
Drew Brees to Marques Colston to the right sideline this time for a pick up of 6.
2nd 4.  Brees to Pierre Thomas for a further 2.
3rd and 2.  Pierre Thomas over left guard and the pile drives them through for a first down.  Great start.

1st down Saints at the NE 21.
Mike Bell takes it for 6 off a great cut back.  Hammer Bell hit hard yet again.
2nd and 4.  Brees to Henderson but it's broken up on the goal line.  3rd and 4.
Pierre Thomas reverse picks up 3 so caught just shy.
So the Saints will bring in John Carney for a 31 yard field goal attempt... and after hitting the upright it goes through.

Patriots 0 Saints 3

1st down Pats at their own 20.
Brady 1st pass goes incomplete.  Excellent, more like that please Tom.  2nd and 10.
Maroney cuts back and breaks one for 22. Darren Sharper with the tackle.

1st down Pats.
Brady to Maroney for 9.
Maroney again up the middle and converts.

1st down at Saints 45.
Brady to Welker for 5.
Maroney up the middle for 4 more.  3rd and 1.  Big, big play.
Brady low to Moss and... Incomplete.  Excellent.  Darren Sharper takes Moss out after the drop.
The Pats go for it on 4th and... Convert up the middle.  Damn.

1st down Pats at the Saints 33.
Maroney to the left runs into Area 51 and wraps him up for only 1.  2nd and 9.
Brady to Faulk who beats Scott Shanley to turn the corner and breaks it to the Saints 14.

1st down Pats.
Run to the right picks up 5. 2nd and 5.
Maroney breaks through (again) and takes it for 4 more.  Big 3rd and 1 now.  Come on Saints.
Maroney goes over left guard and... It’s close, they're going to measure... and they are a yard short!!  4th and 1.  And the Pats will go for it again.
Maroney bursts over right tackle and... Runs in from 4 yards out for a touchdown.  Damn it.

Patriots 7 Saints 3

Courtney Roby takes it to the 25.

1st down Saints.
Brees to Jeremy Shockey who takes a shot but holds on for a first down at the Saints 40.

Pierre Thomas takes the ball and runs hard up the middle for 6.  The pile moved hard there.  2nd and 4.
Devery Henderson comes on a reverse but is stopped for 0 gain.  3rd and 4.
Brees throws to Robert Meachem and... Just misses him.  Damn he was wide open.  Just a yard over thrown.  It would have gone to the house.
Saints will punt and...  Wes Welker takes it all the way back to the Saints 45.

1st down Pats.
Brady looks to Moss and Mike McKenzie steps in front to pick off chisel boy and returns it to the Saints 41.  Great play McKenzie and welcome relief as the Pats had good field possession there and could have jumped out to a big early lead.

Mike McKenzie Saints
Mike McKenzie stares down Tom Brady

1st down Saints.
Bell takes it and runs into every one for a gain of 4.  2nd and 6.
Pierre Thomas over left tackle and... Bursts through into open field all the way to the Pats 30.  Great hole and run to end the first Quarter with the Patriots leading the Saints 7 to 3.

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