Monday, December 7, 2009

Saints Vs Redskins Overtime

You join us in overtime in one of the most incredible endings to a game in quite some time.  The Saints have never really been firing well today but somehow they have pulled this out and forced their way back into the game.

Saints nail biting
Nail Biting Finish Here For The Saints

The normally average Jason Campbell picked a hell of a day for a career best Sunday with 358 yards. 

The Redskins win the coin toss and will receive the overtime kick off so its all to do again for the Saints.  We need another huge play from today’s porous D.

1st down Redskins
at their 20.
Campbell to Santana Moss for 10.

1st down Redskins.
Ganther up the middle for 5.  2nd and 5.  I'm shaking as I type this.
Campbell to Sellers who is stopped short of the 1st by McCallister who made a great open field tackle.  It looks like he fumbled that on the way down but the refs rule he was down before the ball came out.  3rd and 1.  Payton calls a timeout to hint massively to the review booth to look at this again...  Which they are now doing...  And they've ruled it a FUMBLE that was recovered by the Saints!!  Unbelievable.  What a game.  Great time out call by Payton.

1st down Saints at the Redskins 37.
Drew Brees rolls out right and completes to Devery Henderson at the 25.

1st down Saints.
Saints sweep with Mike Bell carrying and he does another flip on his way to 1 yard.  Talk about a day of hard running for no gains.  He's been tossed in the air more than a Dolphin at Sea World.  2nd and 9.
Brees to Saints legend David Thomas for a pick up of 4.  3rd and 5.
Brees to Colston on the right sidelines and he picks up the 1st.

1st down Saints at the Redskins 15 and they're calling out Garrett Hartley to punch this from 32.  But no Sean Payton has a think about this and sends the Saints O back out there.  That goes to show the faith he has in the O to get this done.

Still 1st down Saints.
Mike Bell bursts right and runs for 9.  His biggest run of the day and it couldn't come at a better time.  2nd and 1.
Mike Bell falls through the hole for a 1st down at the 2.

1st and goal.
Mike Bell dives and...  He is inches short.  The stadium is silent.  2nd and goal...  But the booth are going to review this...  And rule the call on the field should stand.  So it's still 2nd and goal.
And out comes Garrett Hartley for an 18 yard field goal attempt...  He makes it but the Redskins called a timeout so we're going to have to do this again...  And he MAKES IT!!!!  Oh my Lord.  WHAT A WIN, I CANNOT BELIEVE IT.  HOW DID WE EVER DO THAT?

This has got to be one of the most bizarre games in memory.  We played pretty average in long spells, scored a touchdown by mugging an intercepting Redskin and clung in there when the Redskins missed a 2 score field goal.  How we came out with the win I will never know but it was incredible and we are now 12 and 0.  That is the work of champions.  To play that 'average' and still win.


  1. Sorry, Peter, I just could not read through the quarter by quarter recaps this week. Normally, I enjoy them, but I cannot relieve that kind of stress this week.

    Sometimes, the great ones just get a little bit of extra luck. Ask the colts about that.

  2. I don't blame you at all. It was stressful reading it back before posting as I was emotionally exhausted last night.

    I tell you though on reflection we were so lucky to come out with that win. If Sharper hadn't have made that tackle early in the 3rd when the Redskins were driving they would have had a 14 point lead that we never would have recovered from (the first tackle at the point of contact in a whole series). Factor in the unbelievable Redskin field goal release and our fumble recovery in overtime which you can argue he was already down when that ball started coming out and you've got 3 big strokes of luck. These things always balance themselves out over a season so I just hope we haven't had ours all in one game.

    Wow 12 and 0 though and the Vikings lost! Just hope we can get some of the injured boys back now as we were looking thin on D all day.

    Have a great day.

  3. I agree. The injuries are holding us back! Imagine how even better it would be with some of those starters...