Thursday, December 3, 2009

Pierre Thomas Highlights

The combination of Pierre Thomas, Mike Bell and Reggie Bush has made such a difference to the balance of the Saints offence this year.  I dread the day the trio ever gets broken up by the inevitable pay demands that always ruin a great team story.  However before we get to that time let's live in the now and enjoy the brilliant contributions these three Saints running backs are making this season.

First up I've sourced some Pierre Thomas highlights for you to enjoy.

Pierre Thomas Highlights

I love the one two combo of Pierre Thomas and Mike Bell.  Pierre Thomas can run between the tackles and make cuts to the outside whilst Mike Bell simply lowers his head and runs like a battering ram into opposing linebackers.  This sucker punch combo helps explain how the Saints have been able to dominate so many second half's this season and keep the O's momentum going on late drives.  If you then factor in the threat Reggie Bush brings to the table you've got one of the most lethal rushing combo's in the NFL.

Pierre Thomas Highlights TD Vs the Bills Week 3

I love that kind of lead blocking by Heath Evans.  It's such a shame the big man got injured as he was proving to be a great asset to the team.  Hopefully he'll be back and healthy next season to support the trio.

Reggie Bush and Pierre Thomas highlights reel

One thing is for sure the Saints are damn lucky to have this trio of excellent backs in 2009.  I just hope we can keep hold of them all for a couple more seasons to come.

For more Reggie Bush videos check out the Reggie Bush highlights reel post I put together.  If you want to see some Mike Bell highlights visit the Mike Bell highlight reel post.  

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