Monday, June 20, 2011

Mark Ingram Highlights

This video of the career highlights of Mark Ingram whilst at Alabama makes for some pretty exciting stuff. I can't wait to see him in the black and gold of the Saints where his highlights package is set to only grow and grow.

And here is a video of Mark Ingram showing what a class act he is by helping out in Tuscaloosa as he helps the victims of the April 27th tornado.

The thought of Pierre Thomas, Chris Ivory and Mark Ingram sharing the backfield (assuming Reggie is on his way) is going to be such a power attack. The three combined have the potential to wear D's down especially in the second half of games. It's going to be quite a sight.

Would love Reggie to be part of it but there's no way we can justify even half his current salary given the amount of touches of the ball he receives. Whilst I do believe he upsets D's with his lineup mis-matches its not enough given the injury problems.

In an ideal world he'd re-sign and we'd have the most balanced backfield in the NFL but I don't see it happening. Fingers crossed but I doubt it.

Still with the Mark Ingram highlights reel set to explode this Fall we'll hopefully be able to compensate for Reggie's loss if he does indeed move on.

And finally today

And finally here's vid posted up on YouTube yesterday. Great memory of this as Drew Brees throws to Marques Colston during the 2010 NFL play offs against the Cardinals. Can we just get back to football fast? People want to see this not discussions on $'s!

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