Thursday, June 16, 2011

Are You Ready For The New Orleans Saints 2011-2012 Season?

I sure am and watching the following video makes me even more excited about another possible epic season. It's time to bash those heads together in those owner meetings so the players can get on and, er, bash their heads together on the football field (unintenionally of course).

Are you ready to be served by the New Orleans Saints once again? Let's go!


  1. Yes, this waiting is killing me. I am trying to plan a trip to see the Saints take on the Titans in Nashville (since it's so close to my home) but I can't pull the trigger on tix, yet.

  2. Yep its no fun. The longer this drags on for the more I'm thinking even if we have a season how many blown plays and bloopers footage are we going to see come out of this year? It's going to be messy as anything and just when the Saints really look to have made such excellent additions through the draft. I really have such high hopes for this team this year and it could all be blown by this stupid lockout.

    I hope you are still able to make it to the Titans Saints game one way or another.