Sunday, October 30, 2011

Embarressing, shocking, sloppy - Saints O line finally found out

Well what can I say about that? The Saints couldn't run the ball against the most porous run defense in the league (not that that's a surprise given how uterally useless we've been all season at opening holes) and now they can't pass protect. It all comes from up front and we were hopeless.

It's one of the fundamentals of football. You run the ball to set up play action. We can't run the ball though. We can't open up holes. We can't push people around. We can't even protect Brees now. We are, to put it bluntly, an O line short of a championship team. And I just don't get it.

When you have 2 Pro Bowl guards you expect some daylight to open for backs. Instead, and I've laboured this point all season, we have an O line that gets pushed back into the RBs play after play. I mean its not even funny. Reminds me of Dan Marino and the Dolphins of late 80's/early 90's lore. Season after season of promise fundamentally undercut by an inability to run.

Gutted and saddened beyond words. We're all meat and no trousers.

And as for the run D. Still can't stop the Steven Jackson Rams yet again. He was a one man team in 2009 against us and was back again today eating up yardage with effortless ease.

But I'm not going to get down on the D. They kept us in the game for most of it and bar the blocked punt would probably have kept the score to a respectable 10 at the half. No it's all aboout Bushrod, Nicks, De La Puente, Hicks and Brown. 5 guys who need to come good fast, sort out the blatant deficiencies that have been apparant for too long or watch the big game from home in January knowing they were responsible for blowing it all.

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Why the Saints lost to the Bucs

I've waited all week to watch this game. I am out of the country and had to wait until it became available online. I've just watched it and I am pissed.

Why'd the Saints lose?

Was it because of the turnovers? Sure it was a big factor but it's not the rotten apple at the core of the problem.

Was it the needless penalties? Again they didn't help but they could have been over come.

Was it Sean Payton's injury? Nope, I think the Saints coped pretty well bar the lack of timeout call with 2.15 left on the game clock.

Ok so what was it? Well you see it's that big old elephant in the room that we all keep pretending/hoping isn't there but has been the achilles heel the past couple of seasons. I am of course talking about our O line.

What the one with 3 pro bowlers on it?

Yes the very same. Last year we all thought it was the injuries that did it for the running game. Having a revolving back door of backs was certainly a problem and made us throw more than was necessary. But it actually hid the underlying reason.

You see it doesn't matter how good your backs are, and for me we have the best trio of backs and balance in Saints history. No it's all to do with the fact that the big men up front could not open a hole in a soggy paper bag if their lives depended upon it. In fact they would lose out to my grandma at doing it.

All Mark Ingram and Pierre Thomas saw through the middle all day was white jerseys. If they saw a black jersey it was 3 yards in the backfield being pushed fast in their direction. It was like looking for light in a vacuum!

I don't know how or what the Saints are going to be able to do about it but it all starts up front and frankly these five are going to be the undoing of us.

All comes back to Pre Season

It goes right the way back to pre season. I was bitching about it back then but got sucked into that 'well they seem to open holes in the 4th when we're winning so I guess they're ok' but frankly they're not. They have no push whatsoever. To say Nicks and Hicks are big men with big reputations is a source of embarressment. Those two need to look themselves in the eyes and figure out how to make the most of their athletic gifts or this promising season will crash down all around us when the potential is there for a genuine tilt at the big game.

Plain and simple we were in a position to win the game late in the fourth on 4th and 2 and Brees threw an interception. Why's that not on Brees you may ask? Well most other teams in the league would trust their inside running game to at least ground out some yards to get it in or failing that to have pounded out some inside yards at some point in the game on 2nd and 3rd and short situations to set up some genuine play fakes.

Instead Brees had to go to the air yet again when it was not necessary - or at the least he would have been able to make a genuine attempt at a play fake had there been any kind of a running game but instead the Bucs just sat back in coverage knowing very well it was going to be Brees or nothing.

In Mark Ingram we have an inside back who can pound out good yardage if given half a chance. He has 2nd and 3rd efforts that really do mark comparison with the great E.Smith. He's a guy who could be the mainstay of this team. Instead we hand him the ball time and again and ask him to beat the whole front 5 or front 7 all on his own. It's not fair on the kid. The big men up front are vets and they are letting him and the team down.

Time to put up or shut up in the trenches or this season is going to be one massive missed opportunity.

Big shout outs

Malcom Jenkins for impecable reading of the game. Ok he was at fault for a TD but he got there on 3 battered balls to kill drives. Heck of a team leader.

Patrick Robinson for continued development reading game and anticipation. Killed one series single handedly in its tracks.

Jimmy Graham for being the most immense addition to any Saints team in history. I love this guy.

Marques Colston for getting back to his best.

Thomas Morstead for always giving the Saints D a chance with booming kicks.

Sean Payton for dealing with a horrific injury by making it look like he'd merely been stung by a wasp and for getting on with it.

Drew Brees for almost getting it done despite a poor first half by his standards. Yes there were 3 picks but one should have been caught by Meachem, the other I've discussed leaving only one that he really put out there as a bad throw.

Friday, October 7, 2011

Saints V Panthers pre game debate

James, Jeff and Mike from the Times-Picayune talk about how the Saints D will be go after the Panthers QB Cam Newton. I say get a nice crisp Harper and Jenkins double Safety blitz hit early doors and watch him question what he's doing on the field.

Here’s a compilation video of the Saints Touchdowns from weeks 1 to 4 against the Packers, Bears, Texans and the Jaguars. To enjoy this video even more my tip of the day is to get some masking tape, sneak up behind that lone Falcons/Trash Cans fan at work, bind them to their chair and then make them watch this video on a loop whilst you dance all around singing Who Dat and 3 and 1 over and over and over and over and...