Friday, December 4, 2009

Reggie Bush Injury Report Latest

As so many visitors to this site enquire about the latest Reggie Bush injury status for each game I figured I would keep an active post with his week in week out injury news.

Reggie Bush Injury Report 2009 Latest

Week 16 Reggie Bush Injured Hamstring Latest:  Sean Payton stated on Monday that Reggie Bush left the game against the Cowboys with a mild hamstring injury.  The Saints won’t have a good idea of his game status against the Bus until much later in the week.  The tweak to his hamstring came on a 16 yard catch and was clear for all to see as Bush hobbled to the sidelines with the play still live.

The Saints coach was quoted as saying “We’ll see this week.  It’s just a mild hamstring. He felt it get tight. I expect him to work this week. It wasn’t anything real severe. We’ll see on Wednesday.”

Well it's passed Wednesday now and the official line is that his game status is probable following limited participation in practice all this week. 

Week 15 Reggie Bush Injury Update:  Ahead of the Cowboys clash and their is nothing to report on the Reggie Bush front.  The Saints are rating him as fully active and fit ahead of the Saturday night game in the Super Dome.  Good news for Reggie after so many weeks of problems with his knee.

Week 14 Reggie Bush Injury Latest Vs Atlanta Falcons:  For the fourth consecutive week Reggie Bush's injury status is in question due to his ongoing knee problem.  His game status is officially set to probable but how much game time he actually see's is anybody's guess as it just doesn't seem that coach Payton fancies him with the ball in the same way he used to.

I've read a lot discussion boards of recent suggesting Reggie Bush will be traded come seasons end.  I personally hope not as I still rate Bush highly but he would need to take a major pay cut to stay and who knows if he would be prepared to especially with a big time wedding to plan!

Week 13 Reggie Bush Injury Report Vs Washington Redskins:  This is the third week on the spin that Saints number 25 has only been able to participate in a limited number of practise sessions.  His game status is rated as questionable.  I guess at least it gives him more time to go shopping with Kim K should he wish.

Reggie Bush Injury
Reggie Bush Out Again

Week 12 Reggie Bush Injury Update Vs New England Patriots:  Reggie will again be missing for the New England Patriots game because of his ongoing knee problem.  He only participated in a few practise sessions leaving his status as questionable to pretty much doubtful.

Week 11 Reggie Bush Injury Status Vs Tampa Bay Buccaneers:  The former Heismen Trophy winner and Saints RB did not participate in practice this week due to a troublesome knee injury that restricted his participation in the second half of the Rams game.  Will Reggie Bush play?  Well he is listed as questionable for the Tampa Bay Bucs game so reading between the lines he is unlikely to suit up given the impending match up with the New England Patriots in Week 12.  The break will give Saints number 25 more time to work on the infamous Reggie Bush best friend Christmas card list.

Weeks 1 to 10:  Injury Free Zone.
Pre-Season Reggie Bush Injury 2009 News:  On August 5th 2009, Reggie Bush left a Saints practice session following continuing problems with his left knee. The Saints wrapped his knee in ice as a precaution and Falconer Productions has sourced just the shot.

Reggie Bush Ice Knee
Reggie Bush Injured Knee in Ice

Bush also missed the final three games of pre-season ostensibly with a calf injury although it also gave him time to rest his Robocop style surgically repaired knee.

Reggie Bush Injury History

2008 Season

On October 19, in a game against the Carolina Panthers, Bush injured his left knee again and required surgery to repair a torn meniscus.  He was back in action by the time the Saints visited the Bears in Chicago but then sprained his medial collateral ligament in his left knee during the game.  The Saints decided to place Bush on injured reserve, ending his season early for the second year in a row.

Bush underwent surgery again on his left knee on January 7, 2009 in preparation for the 2009 season.

Reggie Bush Injured Knee
The Reggie Bush Posterior Cruciate Ligament Tear

2007 Season

During the 2007 season Reggie Bush missed the final four games with a partially torn Posterior Cruciate Ligament in his left knee.


  1. We need to use him for good trade leverage while we still can. While he can be dynamic and fun to watch, sometimes, he is inconsistent and has not added nearly the equity to the team as players like Pierre and Mike Bell.

  2. I agree although it's great to have such a luxury player for this year at least. Come the end of the season there will be a load of players looking for pay hikes so I just hope we can keep the nucleus of this team together as I would love for us to post a few back to back winning seasons for once.

    Would be nice to see our injury news get a little easier.

  3. I hope we manage to keep hold of him. So long as we can find the money (there's no cap next year afterall) then we should resign Reggie Bush as he brings something unique to our attack.