Monday, December 7, 2009

Robert Meachem Saints MVP Vs Redskins

Now that my heart is back in its rightful place and not beating faster than a Humming bird flaps its wings its time to name this weeks Saints MVP. 

The competition is a little thin on the ground following an abject performance in some areas of the field (cups hand to your ear and whispers Defense) but there were two contenders who stood out and one of them won it last week so it can't go to him for ethical reasons... 

So without further ado I hereby give it to the Saints number 17 ace in the pack himself R. Meachem... for two game changing moments in the tighter than newly washed underpants game that was the Saints Vs Redskins.

Robert Meachem Saints

Robert Meachem Saints MVP - To witness the Saints struggling to get back in the game before half time was hard enough.  To then watch Drew Brees throw a pick under pressure made it worse still.  But to suddenly realise that the Saints team were following Robert Meachem down the sidelines was something beyond unexpected.

My brain took a few seconds to process what was going on and before I could say 'Er, like what's going on' the Saints were dancing in the end zone and the World seemed that bit brighter for a good few minutes thanks to Mr Never Quit himself, Robert 'You Beautiful SOB' Meachem.

Talk about hustle play.  The guy had no right to make that happen and yet he did and it helped keep the Saints in with a fighting chance for the second half.  Without Meachems intervention the Redskins could very well have got a few more points on the board and made things that extra touch more difficult than they already were... Which is to say very difficult indeed.

To add excitement to ecstasy he then elected to throw the double fake of his life on his way to the post on the 52 yard game tying touchdown with just 1.27 on the clock.  Talk about hero making.  Cometh the hour, cometh the Meachem.  He ended the day with 142 yards off 8 receptions and 2 touchdowns... and my undying debt.

Honourable mentions to...

Drew Brees Saints

Drew Brees Saints Legend - Not quite at his pinnacle best of the Patriots game (but then how do you better perfection) yet still a more than decent game by the Don of the Saints O.  What I love about the guy is you always have faith that he will either find a way to pull it out the bag or die trying.  And he certainly never gave up on his way to 419 passing yards off an incredible 49 attempts (that tells you the story of how effective the running game was) and 2 TDs.

Garrett Hartley Saints Kicker - How can you not pay thanks to the man who kept his cool in overtime to seal an incredible come back victory?  Yes it was only 18 yards away, yes my Granny could have kicked it but still it takes some guts to step up having watched one of your kicking brethren looking desperately for a hole to hide in having shanked his game ending field goal down the other end not long before.

Never the Worlds safest or appreciated profession but I for one thank you Mr Hartley for letting my heart beat normally again after, oh I don't know, 3 hours of nerve shredding tension.

Darren Sharper Saints Safety - Now some may wonder how a Saints Defender gets in the list this week after some of the worst tackling since I last chased a chicken round a coop but I tell you if it wasn't for number 42 the game would have been over long before.

Cast your mind back to the start of the 4th Quarter and the Redskins are driving deep in Saints territory.  Their running backs are breaking point of contact hits and getting 4/5/6 yards every carry and the goal line is beckoning.  Up steps Darren Sharper on 3rd and 1 to cut down Mason in the back field to stop a key conversion.  The Redskins duly kicked a field goal instead of putting an extra 4 on the board.

For that play alone Sharpy McSharp Sharp makes it onto this weeks winners board (although the less said about him tackling Mike McKenzie just as Old McKee boy was about to stop a touchdown by the Redskins Thomas the better).

Please, please, please will the Gods of injury smile on our stricken Defense and get some more starters back in time for the playoffs.  I'll eat my greens for a whole month or something.

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