Monday, December 7, 2009

Saints Vs Redskins 3rd Quarter

Welcome to the 2nd half of this tight game between the Saints and Redskins.  The Redskins are getting to Drew Brees more than is healthy and the Saints secondary is being exposed by Jason 'I'm not very good' Campbell.  Fingers crossed for some much needed improvements in the 3rd. 

Saints 17 Redskins 17

1st down Redskins at their own 25.
Cartwright picks up 5 on a right sweep.  2nd and 5.
Campbell throws towards Kelly but it goes out of bounds.  Good coverage by McKenzie.  3rd and 5.
Campbell to Randle El for 12.  Campbell was under pressure and stepped up to avoid the rush.

Mike McKenzie Jersey
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1st down Redskins at the 43.
Campbell down the left sidelines completes to Thomas over Malcolm Jenkins.  Great throw into tight coverage.

1st down Redskins at the Saints 28.
Campbell to Thomas who beats McKenzie with a step and picks up 6.  2nd and 4.
Cartwright runs through a BIG hole before Hargrove brings him down.

1st down at the Saints 16.
Campbell to Moss but he can't hold on.  2nd and 10.
Campbell under pressure gets it out to Cartwright in the flat and picks up 6.  3rd and 4.
Campbell pressured by Darren Sharper and unloads incomplete.  4th and 4.
So the Redskins have to settle for a field goal.

Saints 17 Redskins 20

Courtney Roby continues his excellent day with a big return out to the Saints 48.

Courtney Roby Kick Returner

1st down Saints.
Pierre Thomas up the middle for 2.  2nd and 8.
Mike Bell up the middle for a good 7 yards.  He hit that hole hard.  3rd and 1.
Mike Bell again and he bounces on a second effort close to the marker.  The chains will come into measure and...  The Saints are short by half a yard.  So it brings up 4th down and the Saints are going for it.
Mike Bell again but he's stopped well short.
  That looked far too complicated for a short yardage pick up with Nicks pulling around right.

1st down Redskins at their own 44.
Campbell goes deep down the right sidelines to Thomas all the way to the Saints 16.  A 40 yard pass play.

1st down Redskins.
Cartwright carries for 3.  2nd and 7.
Campbell under pressure and...  It goes in and out of Malcolm Jenkins hands.  Oh man he had the whole field ahead.  He would have gone untouched for 6.  Good pressure by Will Smith.  3rd and 7.
Campbell to Thomas who breaks two tackles and tip toes down the sideline for a Touchdown.  Oh man that was poor.  It looks like Darren Sharper knocked Mike McKenzie over just as he was about to make the tackle.

Saints 17 Redskins 27

1st down Saints at their own 27.
Mike Bell cuts back and picks up 7 after the inside was closed off.  2nd and 3.
Drew Brees completes to Jeremy Shockey at the 46 for a pick of 12.

1st down Saints.
Brees to Shockey on a slant for 8 more.  2nd and 2.
Mike Bell out left and he's up ended spectacularly for no gain.  3rd and 2.
Brees play fakes and finds David Thomas all the way down at the 26.  Great pass in good coverage.

1st down Saints.
Brees drops back and finds Devery Henderson at the 12.  This is more like it.

1st down Saints.
Pierre Thomas up the middle for 3 good yards.  2nd and 7.
Brees to Colston in the end zone... but it's broken up.  3rd and 7.
Brees to Henderson on a screen but no gain.  4th and 7.
So Garrett Hartley comes in for a 27 yard field goal attempt and...  It's good.

Saints 20 Redskins 27

We need a good stand by the D now to pull this back level as the longer this goes on the more it feels this is not going to be our day.  The Redskins have an answer to most things we are doing today.

1st down Redskins at their own 35.
Cartwright carries for 5.  Again we has him closed for no gain and he was able to make a cut and pick up 5.  That epitomizes our day so far.  2nd and 5.
Campbell to Randle El for 5.

1st down Redskins.
Cartwright is stopped by Bobby McCray in the back field for a loss of 1.  Finally some penetration to stop the run.  2nd and 11.
Campbell to Randle El again but it goes incomplete.  3rd and 11.  Come on D, we need a stop here.  Big play coming up.
Campbell steps up and completes to Randle El all the way down to the 14 yard line.  He was wide open.  This is not good as we end the 3rd Quarter.

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