Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Saints Vs. Patriots 4th Quarter

So you join us in the 4th Quarter with the Saints leading 31 to 17 and facing a key 3rd and 12 at their own 35. All Saints fans could do with a conversion here to keep alive another scoring drive and stretch this lead as it's still tight enough.

Brees throws wide left and... it falls incomplete so Thomas Morstead will punt. Wes Welker fair catches at the Pats 15.

1st down Pats.
Brady goes deep down field and... Over throws Sam Aitken... I love you Tom Brady... please keep that up.
Faulk is chased down by Sedrick Ellis for a small gain. Great to have the big man fill that middle again. 3rd and 9.
Brady under pressure by Charles Grant and he unloads to Wes Welker who is stopped short. 4th and 5 and the Pats will punt. Great D schemes cooked up there by Williams.  I hope his mum ruffles his hair when he gets home tonight.

Scott Fujita Saints
Eat Turf Welker - Fujita, Ellis, Grant and Jon Vilma getting it done

1st down Saints at their 25.
Drew Brees to Marques Colston who takes it and runs all the way to the Pats 48. Incredible throw again by Drew Brees.  He put it right on Colstons back shoulder so only he could make the grab in the tight coverage.

1st down Saints.
Mike Bell goes left to the 43.  2nd and 5.
Brees throws incomplete to bring up 3rd and 5.
Brees to Robert Meachem at the marker and he hauls it in.  Ooh baby I'm enjoying this lethal execution.

1st down Saints at the 37.
Pierre Thomas over left tackle for 5.  2nd and 5.
Mike Bell is stopped short for 0.  3rd and 5.
Drew Brees to Robert Meachem on the right and another first down.  Ruthlessly efficient passing and routes. Just perfect tonight.  I owe Brees some ice cream.

1st down Saints at the 25.
Mike Bell up the middle for 5 hard yards. He just pumps those legs like mini pistons and does not give up. Such a low center of gravity.  2nd and 5.
Brees to Marques Colston on the post pattern and... TOUCHDOWN!!!  Oh man. What a drive.  9 plays 75 yards, 5.18.  Just incredible.  That's the 27th TD thrown by Brees this season.  Get that man a drink.

Marques Colston Saints
Marques Colston TD - 'Tackle each other boys, I'm just gonna grab 6'

Patriots 17 Saints 38

1st down Pats at their own 20.
Draw play picks up 7.  2nd and 3.
Brady under pressure looks down field and... is picked by Darren Sharper at the Saints 38!! He returns it all the way to the Pats 25.  Sharper baby you are on fire.  Who Dat?

1st down Saints
Mike Bell for 3.
Mike Bell again inside for 3 more. Running down that game clock. 3rd and 4.
Brees to Henderson in the end zone and... Over shoots. I guess the guy is human afterall.
So John Carney comes in for a 37 yard field goal and... it goes wide right.  Cancan Carney can't can't.

1st down Pats.
Brian Hoyer is in to replace Tom Brady to signal the Pats have thrown in the towel so we can all enjoy the last 5 minutes.
2 runs for very little brings up a quick 3rd and 8.
Hoyer drops back and...  Throws to the fans in the stands and shows that he is no Tom Brady so the Pats will punt.

1st down Saints at their own 22 with 3.58 on the clock.
Mike Bell to the right for 5.  Drew Brees still in the game which is good to see.  He deserves to see this out as he has been just unstoppable.
Mike Bell again for 2. 3rd and 3.
Mike Bell bursts through the hole for a first... which is then called back for a flag to bring up 3rd and 14.
Pierre Thomas on a draw for 6 to bring up the 2 minute warning.
Thomas Morstead punts.

1st down Pats at their 33.
Hoyer completes for a few... ah who cares now this is over.
Will Smith chalks up another sack to close out the game a few minutes later.

That was the most complete Saints performance I have seen.  Drew Brees led the offence with incredible precision and looked totally unstoppable.   I am totally out of superlatives to describe just how great Brees is and for the way he played tonight.  He was perfect from start to finish.

Drew Brees Saints
Drew Dat - Drew Brees Saints Legend

The receivers were awesome.  Henderson, Meachem and Colston all got it done.  Bell and Thomas ran the ball well when called upon and that offensive line was totally dominant.  Jermon Bushrod, Carl Nicks, Jonathan Goodwin, Jahri Evans and Jon Stinchcomb all take a bow as you deserve all the platitudes you are going to get.

On the D side the banged up secondary did an outstanding job of stopping Brady, Welker and Co.  Mike McKenzie just had the game of his life and his pick was a turning point in the game.  Harper and Sharper made important tackles and crucial times.  Throw in Malcolm Jenkins who kept the likes of Randy Moss quiet and you've got one hell of a display by that unit.

Then the front 7 played great with Fujita, Shanley and Vilma all making important tackles and snuffing out 3rd down conversions.  Will Smith, Ellis, Grant and Hargrove all played their part.

In short it was just a great team effort and everyone should be mighty proud of themselves for that performance.  It was near perfect football all the way.


  1. It was a super team effort, and I was thrilled beyond belief at the contribution my favorite child, Mike McKenzie, made.

  2. I agree, McKenzie was brilliant. To have him back and playing like that was a real highlight. I just hope he can sustain it for the run in but one game at a time and that one was truly brilliant.

    Hope you are well Saintseester.