Sunday, December 13, 2009

Saints Vs Falcons 1st Quarter

As Axl Rose once sung 'Welcome to the Jungle, we've got what you need' and with those words ringing in my ears I can think of no worse way to introduce a game at the Georgia Dome, or as it should be called, the bland dome, home of the blandest team and fans in the NFL.  Falcon fans can complain by emailing me at

The Saints are in Atlanta to stuff some Falcons and leave with their 13th win of the season under their belts. Will that happen? We'll soon find out so read on.

The Saints will kick it off to the Turf Toe less Matt Ryans.

1st down Falcons at their own 25.
Chris Redman under center today and he starts by predictably handing off to Jason Snelling. 2nd and 8.
Again Snelling up the middle for 5. 3rd and 3.
Redman to Snelling who goes untouched all the way down to the Saints 35. It was a 5 yard pass that Snelling was able to just turn up field without being touched. Oh dear, it's not going to be one of those days is it?

1st down Falcons.
Snelling up the middle for 3. 2nd and 7.
Redman to Mughelli who picks up enough for a 1st at the 20.

1st down Falcons.
Jerius Norwood on the draw and he's stuffed at the line. Nice work the big front boys. 2nd and 10.
Snelling gains 2 on a Jonathan Vilma tackle. He broke a Will Smith tackle en route. 3rd and 8.
Redman to no name Falcons 86 and it goes incomplete. 4th and 8.
So the Falcons attempt a 36 yard field goal and... It's good.

Saints 0 Falcons 3

1st down Saints at their own 20 after a Courtney Roby touchback.
Saints legend Drew Brees hands off to Saints legend Pierre Thomas who picks up a nice 7 yards. 2nd and 3.
Drew Brees looks left and fires to Jeremy Shockey on a slant pattern to move the chains. Good work good ole boys.

1st down Saints at the 37.
Brees drops back and unloads high to Marques Colston who makes a sweet grab and an even sweeter pickup. Nice hands.

1st down Saints at the Falcons 48.
Brees tp Pierre Thomas in the flat who turns the corner and makes two great cuts en route to 3 missed Falcons tackles.

1st down Saints at the 18.
Hand off to Pierre Thomas who tries to bounce outside but is dropped for a loss of 1. 2nd and 11.
Brees over the middle to Reggie Bush who is gang tackled by a flock of Falcons. 3rd and 6.
Brees steps up to avoid a sack and unloads to Shockey who can't haul it in. There's a case for pass interference but it's marginal and not called.
So the Saints settle for a Garrett Hartley 33 yard field goal and Shockey tries to stay in Paytons good books by still talking about the pass interference on the sidelines.

Saints 3 Falcons 3

1st down Falcons at their 20.
Redman rolls right and hits Tony Gonzalez for a good few. 2nd and 3.
Norwood up the middle, breaks tackles (quelle surprise) and spins down to the 38.

1st down Falcons.
Reverse by Weems and he scampers all the way down to the Saints 30.

1st down Falcons.
Short run by 'some guy' picks up 2. 2nd and 8.
Redman to Snelling takes it to the 20. A flag is on the field. Which way will it go? Not the Saints way.

1st down Falcons at the 20.
Mughelli picks up an easy 7 on a pass out wide. Wide open there. 2nd and 3. Come on D.
Hand off to Norwood and he is wrapped up at the line by Jonathan Vilma. 3rd and 2. Nice run stuff by the line there in the middle.
Redman tries to run but Sedrick Ellis reads it and turns Redman into a 230 LB pancake. Ellis got away with a facemask there on the tackle.
So the Falcons settle for a 30 yard field goal and the Saints get away with one.

Saints 3 Falcons 6

1st down Saints at their 21 after Courtney Roby brings the ball out the end zone. The two special teams get in each others faces at the end of the play. Hand bags boys.
Hand off to Hamilton who gets a big fat 0 to end the 1st Quarter. 

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