Monday, December 7, 2009

Saints Vs Redskins 4th Quarter

You join us here in the 4th Quarter with the Saints teetering close to their first loss of the seasonThe Redskins are driving and have the ball at the Saints 12 along with a 7 point lead.  What happens in the next couple of plays could be decisive.

Saints cliff edge
Saints Teetering on the Brink of Their First Loss

1st down Redskins.
Campbell to Mason for 6.  2nd and 4.
Mason up the middle and AGAIN is able to pick up yards after the first contact.  We're just not able to stop people at the point of contact today.  3rd and 1.
Mason sweeps to the left and Darren Sharper cuts him down in the back field.  Heck of a play by Sharper which saves a potential 4 points as the Redskins kick a field goal.

Saints 20 Redskins 30

1st down Saints at their own 21.
Brees to Robert Meachem for 9.  2nd and 1.  Great effort by Meachem to try for the 1st there.
Pierre Thomas carries to the right and just picks up the 1st.

1st down Saints.
Brees to Pierre Thomas on a screen and he manages to scramble for 10 more out to the 42.

1st down Saints
Brees short to Thomas.  2nd and 5.
Brees to Jeremy Shockey over the middle at the Redskins 40.

1st down Saints.
Brees to Devery Henderson who... drops it.  Oh man that was another 1st.  Totally in and out of his hands.  2nd and 10.
Mike Bell runs into a wall, tries to cut it back but there's nothing there.   It hasn't been all day and I don't think it ever will be.  3rd and 10.
Brees under a lot of pressure avoids the sack, steps up and unloads to Robert Meachem down the right sideline and completes for 28.

1st down Saints at the 11.
Mike Bell up the middle but yet again there is nothing there.  It's about time we give up on that.  We do not have the beating of this Redskins D line.  2nd and 11.
Brees to Pierre Thomas on another screen for 3.  He lost his footing just as he made the cut.  3rd and 8.
Brees to the end zone...  But it's battered away. 
So the Saints will have to settle for a 27 yard field goal.

Saints 23 Redskins 30

6.52 left on the clock and we're staring down the barrel.  Got to hope for a big play by the D.  Look for the Redskins to start pounding this out to Cartwright.

1st down Redskins at their 41.
Campbell rolls out and fires to Sellers to the Saints 42.

1st down Redskins
Cartwright up the middle, obviously breaks a couple of tackles on the way to 7.  2nd and 3.
Campbell to Kelly who, surprise, surprise, breaks a tackle when he's shy of the marker and then picks up a few more.

1st down Redskins at the Saints 29.  4.30 on the clock.
Campbell to Thomas who is taken down for a loss... but McCallister is called for a facemask on the tackle which sums up the Saints day.

McCallister Facemask

1st down Redskins at the Saints 16.
A Redskin back takes it a couple up the middle.  2nd and 8.
Ganther breaks through tackles AGAIIIIIINNNNNN and picks up 7.  3rd and 1. 
Ganther over left tackle and picks up the 1st.  I know the Saints D is banged up but I thought even second stringers practised tackling during the week don’t they?

1st and goal Redskins with 3 mins on the clock and ticking.
Cartwright adds a couple more on the run.  2nd and goal.
Cartwright is stopped for a loss of 1 but the clock continues to tick.  3rd and goal.
Cartwright again and picks up 0 to bring up 4th and goal as we hit the 2 minute warning.
So the Redskins will settle for a 23 yard field goal attempt and...  He MISSES!!!  I don't believe it.  Unbelievable.  We have a chance, a small chance but it's better than what we were facing a second ago.

1st down Saints at their own 20.
Brees to Pierre Thomas for 4.  2nd and 6.
Brees under pressure throws to Devery Henderson on the sidelines for a 1st at the 35.

1st down Saints.
Brees incomplete to Colston.  2nd and 10.
Brees to Robert Meachem on the sidelines at the Saints 47 and he gets out of bounds.

1st down Saints, 1.27 on the clock.
Drew Brees looks deep and unloads...  TOUCHDOWN!!!  ROBERT MEACHEM I LOVE YOU MAN!!  52 yard TD pass.  80 yards in a manner of seconds and we are tied with 1.19 left on the clock.

Saints 30 Redskins 30

Now it's all back on the D.  Hold in there guys.  My nerves, no doubt like every Saints fan, do not like this tension but at least we're back in it.

1st down Redskins at their own 25.
Screen pass to Cartwright for a pick up of 14.

1st down Redskins with 50 ticks left.
Campbell to Davis for 5 and the Redskins call a timeout.  Will Smith landed on Campbells ankle at the end of the play and Campbell is limping.  A penalty is called on the Redskins calling it back 10.
1st and 20 Redskins.
Campbell to someone for a gain but the Saints are called for a face mask so a 1st down for the Redskins.

1st and 10 Redskins.
Campbell drops back and... it's intercepted by Jonathan Vilma. 

1st down Saints with 28 seconds at their own 46.
Brees throws incomplete.  Flag comes out against Bushrod for holding.  1st and 20.
Brees throws incomplete to Meachem.  2nd and 20 with 18 ticks left.
Brees to Robert Meachem who gets out of bounds at the Redskins 48.  3rd and 5 with 12 seconds left.
Brees to Reggie Bush at the 40 for a 1st down with 7 seconds left.

1st down Saints.
Brees tries one more pass attempt which falls incomplete.
So in comes Garrett Hartley for a 58 yard field goal attempt and...  It falls short.  It was on target but didn't have the leg.  So we head to over time with the scores tied at 30 a piece and I need a new heart.

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