Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Famous Saints Fans of the Who Dat Nation

This post is going out to the greatest fans on Earth... The Who Dat Nation!

You make the Saints what they are.  The passion and noise generated in all home games is second to none and helps make New Orleans such an attractive place for a player to want to spend his career.

Darren Sharper went so far as to say this about the Patriots game in the "deafening" Super Dome:

"A guy could be pressing face masks with you and you're yelling and he still can't hear you."

As such I'm going to post up my favorite Saints fan pics on this post.  As you'll see we have quite a few famous Saints fans who turn up wearing disguises at games in the Super Dome.

Big love to the Saints Nation.

Famous Saints fans
Dan Aykroyd And All Coneheads Are Saints Fans

 Famous NO Saints fans
 Russell Crowe And Co. Are Saints Fans Too

 Famous New Orleans fans
Is That Michael J Fox Making A Teenwolf Comeback?

Loyal Saints fans
The Man With The Golden Gun Got These Two

Crazy Saints fans
The Famous Saints Fans Defense Rule!!

If you have any that you want to display just let me know by leaving a comment on this message and I'll be sure to include.


  1. Lee de fleur: http://www.flickr.com/photos/25430422@N06/4081599419/

  2. Ha ha, great pic, that's excellent. Is it OK for me to add it to this page?