Thursday, December 3, 2009

Mike Bell Highlights Reel

Mike Bell is in da haowse, I said Mike Bell is in da haowse...   OK so I shouldn't rap but I just got excited from watching the Mike Bell highlights videos I just sourced off YouTube.

Mike Bell Highlights Reel

The little man with the big punch hasn't half shaken up the mix that coach Payton can call.  He sends in battering ram Bell to soften up the under belly of opposing defences and then chucks in Pierre Thomas and Reggie Bush to make their cuts and further inflict the pain.  It's one hell of a recipe for success and the Saints are riding the wave all the way to the playoffs in style for once.

This next video is a perfect reflection of the Bam Bam Bell running style.  He simply says 'If I can't go around you then I'm going to go through you' CRACK!!

Mike Bell Highlights Video Vs Dolphins

I've always loved and admired that kind of no nonsense running.  It reminds me of the great Earl Campbell in it's simplicity.

Down 1 - Whoomph, picks up 2.
Down 2 - Smack, picks up 3 more.
Down 3...  See Ya... TOUCHDOWN.

Mike Bell Battering Ram
Battering Ram Bell Reporting For Duty

I'm damn happy the little man pitched up in New Orleans as he is a more than welcome addition to the Saints running game and helps to make up for the loss of the great Deuce McCallister.

Feel free to visit the Pierre Thomas highlights post and the Reggie Bush highlights video post to enjoy more great Saints running back action. 

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