Sunday, December 27, 2009

Tampa Bay Bucs Vs Saints 2nd Quarter

You join us in the 2n Quarter with the Saints leading the Bucs by 14 to 0. The Bucs are driving and into Saints territory at the 44.

1st down Bucs
Freeman to someone or other and that goes incomeplete. 2nd and 10.
Derrick Ward over left tackle and goes 16 yards untouched to the 27.

1st down Bucs
False start pen moves that back 5. 1st and 15.
Freeman under pressure throws it away and another penalty marker is out... and it goes against Tampa Bay. 1st and 20. I like this.
Ward takes it a couple up the middle until Sedrick Ellis eats him for breakfast. 2nd and 17.
Freeman under pressure from Charles Grant who strips the ball and Freeman falls on it. That's Grants 5th and a half sack of the season. Great hustle by the big vet. 3rd and 20.
Freeman has to take another timeout as the noise built and he wasn't able to get the play off.
Freeman drops back and is instantly under pressure with Anthony Hargrove bringing the Buc QB down.
The Bucs will punt.

1st down Saints at their own 7.
Brees on a slant to Devery Henderson who a) doesn't drop it and b) picks up a nice few yards to bring up 2nd and 4.
Brees to Colston on the other sideline out near the 20 to move the chains.

1st down Saints
Mike Bell up the middle tries to pop it outside and is dropped for a loss. 2nd and 12.
Reggie Bush with the hand off weaves nicely through a couple of holes for a good 13 yard pick up.

1st down Saints
Kill kill kill by Brees opens the play and then connects with drop-a-lot Henderson who pulls it in for a gain of 9. 2nd and 1.
Pierre Thomas hits the hole hard and pumps those legs to carry people for 22 yards. Unbelievable run and then 15 yards are tacked on for a facemask during the tackle. This is so more like it. Dream football.

1st down Saints at the Bucs 19.
Brees throws incomplete. 2nd and 10.
Pierre Thomas takes the hand off and picks up a neat 5. 3rd and 5.
Brees to Marques Colston who is stopped at the 10, just shy of the marker. 4th and 1.
Garrett Hartley will try from the 28 for a field goal and... converts.

Bucs 0 Saints 17

1st down Bucs at their 22
Inside run for 5. 2nd and 5.
Freeman pass to Bryant picks up about 7 for a 1st.

1st down Bucs
False start by number 65 tacks on 5. 1st and 15.
Freeman to Graham over the middle for 12 before Jonathan Casillas wraps him up. 2nd and 3.
Derrick Ward runs into the whole Saints line for no gain. 3rd and 3.
Freeman to Winslow in good coverage picks up 12.

1st down Bucs at the Saints 48.
Derrick Ward up the middle for 2, Roman Harper with his first ever tackle (I'm being sarcastic but you know what I mean). 2nd and 8.
Freeman under pressure tries to throw another pick but somehow escapes it. 3rd and 8.
Freeman under big pressure escapes but is tracked down by the lone wolfman Will Smith for the sack. That is great aggression by Gregg Williams. 4th down and the Bucs punt to the end zone.

1st down Saints at their 20 with just over 2 minutes to go in the half.
Brees to Devery Henderson but it goes incomplete. 2nd and 10.
Brees looks deep for Henderson but he's well covered and not near enough to the ball. 3rd and 10 as the 2 minute warning comes up.
Drew Brees connects with Robert Meachem on the right sideline and he's just shy of the 1st. 4th and inches so the Saints will punt.

1st down Bucs at their 32.
Freeman to Williams for 5. 2nd and 5. Freeman was under pressure again there.
Freeman to Williams again picks up 6.

1st down Bucs at the 44.
Freeman to Winslow on the sidelines for 11 more and gets out of bounds.

1st down Bucs at the Saints 44.
Freeman to Michael Clayton over the middle for 11.

1st down Bucs at the 34.
Freeman to Bryant for another 10 pick up.

1st down Bucs at the 24 with 18 on the clock.
Freeman shoots for the end zone but good coverage by Mike McKenzie ensures nothing comes of it. 2nd and 10.
Freeman to Williams who takes it to the 15.
So the Bucs will attempt a 34 yard field goal and... It's good.

So the 1st half ends with the Saints leading the Bucs 17 to 3.

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