Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Saints Vs. Patriots 2nd Quarter

Welcome to the 2nd Quarter of the Patriots Saints game with the Pats leading by 7 to 3 and New Orleans driving. 

1st down Saints at the Pats 30.
Mike Bell hammers through the middle for 1.  Oh no… Mike Bell is on the floor after that.  He hits so hard he knocked himself out.
Drew Brees to Robert Meachem on the right sideline for a pick up of 6.  3rd and 3.
Pierre Thomas takes it 2 over left tackle.  4th and 1 and... We’re going for it.  Come on Saints!!!
Pierre Thomas goes through a Jermon Bushrod hole and... Picks up the 1st.

1st down Saints at the Pats 20.
Brees drops back checks off and sees Pierre Thomas in the flat and... Thomas breaks tackles all the way for a Saints TOUCHDOWN!!  Great run by Thomas.  Genius!!

Pierre Thomas jersey
The Pierre Thomas jersey moonwalks into the end zone

Patriots 7 Saints 10

1st down Pats at the Saints 25, 12.49 on the clock.
Wes Welker on a reverse for 3.  2nd and 7 and a Pat goes out injured... excellent... sorry but we need every edge we can get.
Brady to Welker (wonder how often I'll write that tonight) and he takes it to the Pats 40.

1st down Pats.
Maroney for 4.  2nd and 6.
The Super Dome is LOUD... and the Pats will take a timeout.
Brady to Morris and the doof drops it.  Perfect drop, love it.  3rd and 6.
Brady to Aitken and Mike Mckenzie hits him before he can turn so he is short by 3.  Great play McKenzie!! 
Pats punt.

1st down Saints at their own 25.
Drew Brees to Devery Henderson and... TOUCHDOWN!!!  OH MY GOOD GOD!!  Henderson was wide open and took it at the 50 and went totally untouched all the way.  It must have been a busted play for him to be that open.  LEGENDS!!!

Devery Henderson touchdown
Drew Brees to Devery Henderson Touchdown - Henderson feels lonely

Patriots 7 Saints 17

1st down Patriots at their own 24, 9.48 on the clock.
Maroney runs over Harper and co. for 10.  He should have been wrapped up at the line but beat Vilma with a cut and then knocked Harper over.

1st down Pats.
2 yard run by someone or other.
Tom Brady drops back and... Will Smith sacks him with Bobby McCray!!  3rd and 12.
Brady to Aitken and... he connects big all the way to the Saints 35.

1st down Pats.
Maroney runs left for 3. 2nd and 7.
Brady to Welker and... It’s dropped!!  Malcolm Jenkins got away with blatant pass interference there.  Fantastic.  3rd and 7,
Brady looks but can't find anyone so steps up to run and... Scott Fujita comes in and wraps him up but... oh no Roman Harper is called for illegal contact.  So the Pats have a 1st down at the Saints 25 and karma has come and bit us in the ass for the Malcolm Jenkins pass interference that wasn't called.

1st down Pats at the Saints 25.
Hand off to Maroney who takes it for 4.  2nd and 6.
Maroney up the middle but Scott Shanley wraps him up for just 1.  3rd and 5.  Come on Saints.  Deeeeeeee FENCE.
Brady to Welker but he's hit short by Roman Harper and it brings up 4th and 3.  Huge play by Harper.
Patriots go for a field goal and get it.

Patriots 10 Saints 17

1st down Saints at their own 23, 4.07 on the clock.
Brees to Pierre Thomas who weaves his way for 3.  Great effort.  2nd and 7.
Brees to Devery Henderson on the sidelines who takes it short but makes a move and moves the chains.  Great play Devery.

1st down Saints at their 35.
Pierre Thomas up the middle for 2.  2nd and 8.
Drew Brees pumps two fakes and stops the D and... Finds Saints legend in the making David Thomas for 25!!

1st down Saints at the Pats 38.
Drew Brees drops back and looks deep... and hits Robert Meachem for a Saints TOUCHDOWN!!  Awesome, absolutely awesome.  Now Drew Brees should get the recognition he deserves.  That was just sensational.

Robert Meachem jersey
Robert Meachem Touchdown - 'Hey 24, watch this catch'

Patriots 13 Saints 24

Come on Defence.  Let's stop them scoring before the half.

1st down Patriots at their own 20.
Brady to Maroney on the screen for pick up of 9 and gets out of bounds.  2nd 1.
Brady hit by Anthony Hargrove as he throws and it falls incomplete.  Great pressure Hargroves you legend!!
Brady to Aitken and they convert.

1st down Pats at their 35, 1.07 on the clock.
Brady hit by Bobby McCray as he releases and falls incomplete.   But Malcolm Jenkins is called for holding in the secondary so the Pats get a 1st down at their 40.

1st down Pats.
Brady to Welker on the sidelines for 8.  2nd and 3.
Brady to Moss at the Saints 42.

1st down Pats with 46 ticks left on the clock.
Brady to Faulk who gets jacked up by Darren Sharper.  That was HARDDDDDD!!  Faulk is being checked on the sidelines.

1st down Pats at the 32.
Brady down the middle and... it's broken up.
Brady to the end zone and... it sails over the receiver.  3rd and 10.  Come on D.
Brady down the middle and... it sails incomplete again.  Beautiful.  The Saints secondary are doing an outstanding job on coverage.
So they go for a 50 yard field goal and... It goes wide left!!

Still Patriots 10 Saints 24 to end the 1st half.  Everyone has played just great so far.

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