Monday, December 7, 2009

Saints Vs Redskins 2nd Quarter

We open the 2nd Quarter with the Redskins looking good here and leading the Saints 10 to 0.  It's Saints ball at the Redskins 40 yard line.

Saints Redskins
The Redskins Are This Much Better Right Now

3rd and 7.
Drew Brees drops back and finds Devery Henderson for a 1st.  Henderson was hit hard but hung on to the ball.  He's now getting some attention on the field.  Respect to Henderson there.

1st down Saints at the Redskins 29.
Brees goes downfield to a wide open Jeremy Shockey inside the Redskins 10 but he's called back for pass interference so it will come straight back.  1st and 20 at the 39.
Brees to Pierre Thomas on another screen to pick up 5.  2nd and 15.
Brees to Jeremy Shockey at the 19 to continue his streak of 107 straight games with a reception and more importantly picks up a 1st.  Well done big man.

1st down Saints.
Brees throws short to Robert Meachem for 3.  2nd and 7.
Brees throws but it's battered down by big ole Philip Daniels to bring up 3rd and 7.
Brees buys some time but comes under pressure again and throws incomplete.  So the Saints will have to settle for a Garrett Hartley 34 yard field goal.

Saints 3 Redskins 10

1st down Redskins at their own 23.
Ganther carries for a couple before a mass team tackle.  2nd and 7.
Ganther again gets the call and picks up 4.  3rd and 2.
Mason takes the ball and runs into a Saints wall led by Remi Ayodele.  Great front there by the Saints.
The Redskins punt to Reggie Bush who tries to make some moves and ends up loosing about 7 or so.

1st down Saints at their own 13.
Pierre Thomas hits the hole and makes his first positive run to pick up 5.  2nd and 5.
Mike Bell lowers his head and powers out to the 23 to bring up 3rd and 1.  Great to see a couple of positive runs after the negative running yards in the 1st Quarter.
Battering Ram Bell powers behind Carl Nicks to pick up 1 for the 1st.

1st down Saints at their 24.
Brees has another ball batted down.  2nd and 10.
Brees finds Devery Henderson on the left sideline who picks up the 1st.  Brees had to check down 3 receivers to find one open.  The Redskins are doing a good job on coverage today.

1st down Saints at their 39.
Brees goes deep to Henderson but its well covered and knocked down.  Just under thrown slightly.  2nd and 10.
Drew Brees steps up and completes to Robert Meachem at the 49 for another 1st.

1st down Saints.
Pierre Thomas carries over left tackle, makes a move and picks up a 1st.  Nice play Frenchy.

1st down Saints.
Brees has hours of time looks deep and... TOUCHDOWN!!  Marques Colston found some space and was waiting for the ball in the end zone after a nice slant and go move.  That was a more positive drive, come on Saints.

Marques Colston Saints Touchdown
Marques Colston Runs A Perfect Post Pattern

Saints 10 Redskins 10

1st down Redskins at their 21 with 5.28 left in the half.
Campbell to Mr 'impossible to bring down' David for 9.  2nd and 1.
Campbell to Santana Moss for 4 before he's wrapped up by Malcolm Jenkins.

1st down Redskins at the 36.
Campbell to Santana Moss again on the sidelines for 8.  2nd and 2.
Campbell is pressured by Scott Shanle and Troy Evans and throws incomplete.  3rd and 2.
Campbell goes deep to Santana Moss and completes all the way down to the 17.  He burnt Malcolm Jenkins on that 34 yard pickup.

1st down Redskins.
Campbell to someone for 6.  2nd and 4.
Campbell to Moss this time on the left side and picks up the 1st.

1st and goal at the Saints 5.
Campbell throws and it's batted down by Fresh Prince Will Smith.  2nd and goal.
Campbell to Devin Thomas who takes it at the 3, turns the corner and dives for a... Touchdown.
The secondary got picked apart their by Mr Average QB himself Jason Campbell.  He looked very comfortable and always seems to save his best for the Saints.

Saints 10 Redskins 17

1st down Saints at their own 21.
Brees to Reggie Bush on the left, cuts back and picks up 9 before running out of bounds to bring up the 2 minute warning.  2nd and 1.
Brees throws incomplete after loosing his footing.  3rd and 1.
Reggie Bush carries and dives but is stopped short.  4th and 1.
Thomas Morstead punts away and... it hits a Redskin down field and Usama Young recovers.

1st down Saints at the Redskins 41.
A Redskin jumps offside.  1st and 5.
Brees to Reggie Bush down to the 28.

1st down Saints.
Brees to Jeremy Shockey and can't hold on.  2nd and 10.
Brees has to throw it away under pressure.  3rd and 10.  The Saints are called for Jahri Evans being down field and so ineligible being a massive hulking lineman.  2nd and 15.
Brees drops back and is sacked big time by the Redskins safety.  He came late and unblocked.  3rd and 26.
Brees is under big pressure again manages to get away and throws deep... and it's picked by Moore who gets up and returns it... and is then mugged by Robert Meachem who returns it for a TOUCHDOWN!!  That was a huge play by Meachem.  But it's all going to be reviewed to ensure it was a pick and to check whether Moore was down by contact...  And the Refs decide...  The ruling on the field stands so it's a Saints TOUCHDOWN!!  Excellent.

So we can all pay homage to Robert Meachem for an incredible play there.  Officially a 44 yard fumble return by Robert Meachem, about the most unexpected thing you could have expected when Brees was picked.

Saints 17 Redskins 17

OK so we end the half with Brees being rushed far too much, the running game not firing all to well and the Saints secondary under attack.  Let's hope for some half time fixes as this is uncomfortable to say the least.

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