Sunday, December 27, 2009

Tampa Bay Bucs Vs Saints Overtime

Welcome to the most unwelcome and unexpected overtime in Saints history with the Saints desperately trying to throw this game away.

1st down Bucs at their own 23.
Williams out right and runs an easy 7.  2nd and 3.
Williams right up the middle and makes our D look absolutely useless by running an easy 12.

1st down Bucs at the 42.
Williams again out right but finally some Saints defenders decide tackling is what they're kind of paid for a wrap him up for 0 gain.  2nd and 10.
Williams again in the same area picks up 3.  3rd and 7.
Freeman can't find anyone downfield so he takes off and runs his way for the 1st down.

1st down Bucs at the Saints 45.
Williams makes a cut and picks up 7 up the middle again and we've got no answer.  I'm going to push my grandma the Saints way as she's better at tackling than this lot.  2nd and 3.
Williams again and guess what he picks up?  Go on guess, I dare you.

1st down Bucs at the Saints 35.
This is the game.  We can not allow another 1st.
Williams up the middle for 2.  2nd and 8.
Williams again but this time out left for 2 more.  3rd and 6.
Williams out left again for 1 more.
So in comes the Bucs kicker who will no doubt make this 47 yard field goal the way this game has gone and... does!  What a surprise.  I am fucking angry and going to drink beer and shoot up my TV.

Keep playing like this boys and we might as well not bother turning up for the playoffs.  That was embarrassing.  We played one quarter of football and assumed we would win.

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