Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Reggie Bush Highlights

As well you might know I love the New Orleans Saints more than just about most things in my life (replace the Bud Light for the NO Saints in that beer commercial of recent and you get the picture).  That said, and whilst I am appreciative of the fact we are winning games we would normally loose in years gone past, I can't help but feel we've had a few weeks of fairly indifferent Saints displays (it's dem displays dat win dem championships laddy boy... or so my Irish innerself tells me).

Reggie Bush Highlights Cardinals Playoff Game

So I thought I'd scour YouTube for some New Orleans Saints highlights from seasons past to remind us of the explosive brilliance that is the Saints offence at its best and always a lock for football betting.  And where better to start than with Mr Love him or hate him himself, and I for one love him (just for the record), Mr Reggie Bush.

Presenting the Reggie Bush Highlights reel

Reggie Bush Highlights what you can do with +22 mph speed
Damn that boy can run.  On that reception against the Niners the Reggie Bush mph measure must have broken the +22 mark surely?

Here's some more Reggie Bush Highlights but taken from some slightly different angles and with extra IN YOUR FACE music for extra IN YOUR FACE effect!

More Reggie Bush Saints highlights
Seeing Reggie break one for 55 yards against the Rams on Sunday reminded me of what we've been missing so far this season.  What I love about the Saints offence of today is that we don't even need to go to this incredible athlete all that often to get the job done but when we do he is there ready and poised on the pad to break one.

Reggie Bush Punt Returns Vs. Vikings on Monday Night Football

I bet there are Head Coaches throughout the league who would love that kind of an option.  We should count ourselves lucky for that fact alone whilst not forgetting the selflessness Reggie brings to the team when other big ego's would be bitching in the press week in week out.  That talks to me of a winning attitude and team work ethic.

Reggie Bush USC highlights

I hadn't seen that one for a while, boy could that boy shift.  That's further reinforced to me just what a luxury we have waiting to explode within our team.

Everyone has their day and hopefully Reggie's will come in late January.  Man it's a good time to be a Saint!

Mini Reggie Bush High School Highlights

And finally Pee Wee Reggie.  Some of those moves remind me of the Falconer on the dance floor after a couple of Bourbons most Saturday nights (Warning - may be lying).

  • Brown's Hit on Reggie Bush Featured On SI Cover | College Football ... - Reggie Bush had never been drilled like this in his life. In high school and college he had always been the best athlete on the field, too fast and too elusive to leave himself open to a clean shot. But here, in an NFC divisional playoff game against the Philadelphia Eagles, his initiation came suddenly.

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  1. Hi Peter
    Your writing on Football reminds me of an Agatha Christie murder mystery. Even if I know next to nothing about Football your comments on the games are so filled with suspence . . . I just have to find out who won!