Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Saints Falcons 3rd Quarter Analysis

Falcons to get us underway in the second half and the ball sails deep to Courtney Roby who brings it out to the 28.  Let's go Offence, put this game away. They clearly chose to ignore me however as the Saints are quickly 4 and out so have to punt.  Faclons ball.

Number 72, Tackle Sam Baker of the Falcons, has a hell of an ugly beard and so gets called for holding on Will Smith.  The Umpires secretly wanted to call it for unsportsmanlike beard but couldn't find the rulebook to double check it was in there.  Falcons' 1st and 20 back at their own 33.

Sam Baker Tackle Falcons

Oh dear, Ryan to Roddy White for a 68 yard Touchdown pass over Greer who missed the jump ball... and just when he was shaping up for Super Saint of the week.

Falcons 21 Saints 28.

Roby returns the kick off to the 38.  Mike Bell run, then short pass to Colston brings up a quick 3rd and 4.  We could do with a good drive here so...  Brees to Shockey, 1st down.  The big man does the business after a great Brees audible set up a mismatch.

Brees to Meachem for 17 to the Falcon 26.  Just another great pass and catch.  Brees makes the impossible look easy.

Bell picks up a nice 7.  2 quick incompletions follow and the Saints will have to settle for a field goal.  Here comes John Karney the Cancan man and... he misses wide right.  Balls.

John Karney Kicker Saints

Falcons 21 Saints 28.

White then Turner pick up some yards and the Falcons are at midfield quick.  Dunbar makes a heck of a tackle which brings up a Scott Fujita shot on the sideline for the benefit of Michelle at the Saints Rants blog. 

The Fujita shot must have done the job as Michelle's good vibes enable Eagle Eyes Sharper to break up the 3rd and 5 pass and the Falcons are forced to punt.  Saints ball at their own 16.  Game on.

Darren Sharper Saints

Pierre Thomas with 2 runs brings up a 1st down to the Saints 27.  Due to a Falcon injury Brees finds the time to chat to Payton on the sidelines about the floral patterns on the wallpaper he's looking to get for his front room next week.

Bell stuffed for 0.  Now Brees to Thomas, who at first stumbles but makes a heck of a second effort, to pick up 7 yards.  Thomas took a good lick there though and is slow getting up.  3rd and 3. Incomplete.  Saints have to punt again.  Damn this is tight again.

3:18 left in the 3rd Quarter and the Falcons start at their own 23.  Big drive coming up.  Momentum is up for grabs.

Turner grabs a 1st down.  That Falcon tackle with the ginger beard is on the sidelines being talked to by the coaches.  Looks like they want to sheer off that ugly chin hair with some sheep clippers.  Will they manage to do it?  Stay tuned as we need to return to the field.

And just in time as Will Smith takes down Matt Ryan for a loss of 4.  2nd sack of the night by the Hollywood star who moonlights for the Saints.

Ryan to Jenkins for pick up of 29.  Good pressure again by the Saints front 4 but the slippery bird flew the nest just in time.  Come on Defence, the Dome is getting LOUD.

Turner runs for a first down and sucks the noise out the crowd to end the 3rd.

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