Sunday, November 15, 2009

Saints Vs Rams 2nd Quarter Analysis

You join me in the Saints Vs Rams 2nd Quarter having just been advised that I'm watching FOX NFL Sunday by a baritone voice.  That's lucky they confirmed that or I would have been left thinking I was watching the sound of music in Slavic.  Now a fan holds up a sign confirming we are watching Fox as we return to the game; did the PR department pay him for that?

OK so the score is Saints 0 Rams 0.

Drew Brees throws to David Thomas who is stopped short and then forces his way for an extra 3.  GREAT effort.  4th catch of day by the backup Tight End.  Only 7 catches before today, how bout that?

1st down Black and Gold. 
Draw to Bush who does his Michael Jordan leap and gets a... 3 yard TOUCHDOWN!! His 5th of the season.

Reggie Bush mph
The Reggie Bush mph read +22 on that one!

That was a 13 play, 78 yard drive in 7.30. Brees went 6 for 6 for 58 yards.  Textbook drive - Very impressive. Brees spread the ball around to receivers and tight ends and was complimented by some good runs by the backs.  There were also 3 straight 3rd down conversions on the drive which is akey indicator of ruthless efficiency.

New Orleans Saints 7 St Louis Rams 0

1st down Rams at their own 25, 14.09 on the clock.
Steven Jackson big run for 14 - An important open field tackle by Usama Young or he could have broken it.

1st down. 
Steven Jackson again through middle for 8.
Play action pass and a big gain.  Great hit by Usama Young - CRACK!!

1st down at Saints 35.
Steven Jackson again over right tackle.  He is running at will against us.
2nd and 2.  Some other Rams back up runs through the middle for 3.

1st down at 29.
Toss out left and Will Smith tackles for 0.

Mark Bulger is sacked and looses the ball which Jackson manages to recover for a loss of 3.  He had loads of time but still got sacked.

3rd and 15.  That's the 16th forced fumble in Will Smiths career; he also has an Oscar I believe.
Mark Bulger to Avery deep and... TD.  He beat Randall Gay for 29 yard TD reception.

9.23 left in 2nd. 8 plays 75 yards.

Saints 7 Rams 7,

Courtney Roby takes the kick off out to the 27 where the Saints will have a 1st down.

End around to Robert Meachem (great block by David Thomas) who takes it a season long 41 yards for a Saint to the Rams 36. 

1st down New Orleans. 
Thomas scampers for 3.
Brees to Henderson to the Rams 15, a gain of 13.

1st down. 
Brees is hit as he throws incomplete.  1st time Brees has been pressured so far.
Brees throws it away on the next play bringing up 3rd and 10.
Brees to Bush over the middle and... TOUCHDOWN!!  Bush caught it at the 12 then used his speed to get to the end zone and dive to the put ball over the plain of the goal line.  Great catch and run.  6 plays 72 yards in a cool 2.32.

Reggie Bush vertical
The 'Reggie Bush Vertical Leap' as patented by Bush Inc.

Saints 14 Rams 7

1st down Rams 27.
Steve Spagnola is talking to the LB beaten by Bush.  He's demanding that he be a bit more like Usain Bolt in future please.

Rams pass for 7 yards.  2nd and 3. 
Encroachment by Remi Ayodele.  1st down Rams at own 38.

Jackson 8th rush over left tackle of the day picks up 5.  (69 yards rushing and 21 receiving already today).

Mark Bulger is pressured and sacked by Remi Ayodele and Charles Grant.  3rd and 7.
Bulger completes to Gibson.  Usama Young makes the tackle again after Gay slipped which left him open.

1st down Rams.
Jackson is tackled by just about every Saints player although Charles Grant gets the official credit.  2nd and 8.  Bulger throws a pass for another 1st down - 10 yard pick up.

1st down. 
Jackson tackled by everyone again although Bobby McCray is credited. 
2nd and 8.  Saints burn a second timeout.
Steven Jackson again but Demario Pressley wraps him up in the backfield for a loss of 1.  Ball at Saints 28.  Steven Jackson again for 13 up the middle.  We just cannot stop this guy.

2 minute warning.  1st down at 15.
Jackson AGAIN for 2.

The Saints call another timeout.

Jackson stopped 3 yards short of 1st down marker but then carries WILL SMITH ON HIS BACK DOWN TO THE SAINTS 4. 

1st down.  Jackson up the middle for 1.
Jackson ploughs in for... A TOUCHDWON OVER LEFT TACKLE.  Mike Karney, the ex Saint FB, led the way - TRAITOR.  Although we did cut him the day before his wedding so I guess we owe him that.  Cut throat business or what?

Saints 14 Rams 14.
Courtney Roby returns the kick off out to the 24. 

50 seconds left in half, 0 timeouts New Orleans.

1st play and Brees is going down for a sack but flips it to Bush for 0 pick up.  Great effort to avoid the sack and keep the play alive.

Brees to Shockey for 9.  Brees stops clock but that makes it 4th and 1 so the Saints will punt with 6 seconds left.

End of first half with the scores level:

New Orleans 14 Steven Jackson 14

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