Sunday, November 15, 2009

Saints Vs Rams 3rd Quarter report

Trent Green and Chris Rose are eulogising about Steven Jackson.  It really has been a game of 1 Vs 22.  I've not seen such a one man team since Barry Sanders used to have to do it alone for the Lions... but what an athlete Jackson is.  I guess if that's your main weapon then use it, especially if the Saints can't find a way to stop him.

Courtney Roby takes the second half kick off and... Returns it all the way for a 97 yard TOUCHDOWN!!  That's the 1st kick off return for a TD in nearly 5 years (since Michael Lewis in 2004 according to Green and Rose) for the Saints.  That will do.  The Saints Special Teams now get marked up to a straight C from my New Orleans Saints mid term paper report.

Courtney Roby touchdown
Courtney Roby TOUCHDOWN!!

The Rams will start the second half at their own 23.
Bulger to Gibson, breaks 2 tackles and takes it to the Rams 48.  He beat Tracy Porter and Usama Young with fine moves.  Youngs leg collided with Porters and the Saints 2nd year man is down as we go to commercials.

That's all we need, another member of the secondary out with and injury.  Oh no, I spoke to soon, the Direct TV commercial is all I need after that bad news.  Some rubbish about something or other, blah, blah. 

We return and Tracy Porter is only just getting to his feet now.  Our first round pick in the 09 draft, Malcolm Jenkins, is coming in to take his place.  I hope the rookie has stretched his legs as he could be in for the long haul here.

So back to the game and it's a 1st down for St. Louis at their own 48. 
Steven Jackson hands off to himself (being a 1 man team them's the breaks that come your way) and takes it for 1 after every Saints lineman jumps on his turtle back.

Next up a screen to Jackson but he can't hold on so it's 3rd and 9.  Good break for the Saints as we don't want Jackson getting into the banged up secondary with the ball in his hands.

3rd and 9 and... Mark Bulger overthrows Jenkins who was worryingly wide open. Rams will punt and Reggie Bush fair catches at Saints 17.

1st down New Orleans.
Pierre Thomas bursts through the hole between centre and right guard for a big 11 yard pick up. 

The Saints Pierre Thomas Jersey getting it done!

1st down Saints.
Brees to Henderson on a crossing pattern for a 26 yard pick up into Rams territory.  1st down at Rams 47.

Next up Thomas stopped for 0.  Oooh man Tracy Porter is being carted off with head in hands.  Not looking good.  Let's hope that's not as serious as his demeanour tells it.

Brees tries to thread the needle to Shockey but over throws and... It’s picked off.  That's a double 'not looking good' moment in a few brief seconds.  We could have really built up a healthy lead there but alas no.  We're making this look hard work against a team of 1. 

TV cuts to Saints sideline as Drew Brews yells at Jeremy Shockey - nice blame shift.  Actually maybe that was on Shockey... only those guys know as I don't have the play book in front of me.  Drew Brees Jeremy Shockey fight coming soon anyone?

1st down Rams at their own 40.
Jackson now for 1.  Next play… pass incomplete, 3rd and 9.
A pass completion for 10 sees the Rams move the chains.

1st down.
Steven Jackson cuts back and picks up 8.  2nd and 2.  Guess who the ball will go to next?
Nope I'm wrong as Mark Bulger is caught in the backfield but somehow manages to wriggle free and completes for 20 over the middle.

1st down St. Louis.
Bulger throws incomplete before Jackson runs up the middle for 7.  3rd and 3.  Fox announce Steven Jackson has just hit 6,193 career yards to move into 3rd place in franchise history behind Marshall Faulk and Eric Dickerson.  Not bad going.  Neither of them carried a whole team on his back.

Bulger throws back across the field and Roman Harper does just enough to break up the pass.  4th and 3 so the Rams will attempt a field goal and... Get it.

Saints 21 Rams 17.

Saints will take over at their own 20 after Courtney Roby takes a knee in the end zone with 7.08 on the 3rd Quarter clock.

1st down Saints. 
Bell over left tackle for a pick up of 2.
Reggie Bush breaks through the big right tackle hole and takes it 55 to the Rams 22.  Great hole by Stinchcomb and Evans and a great run by Mr. Bush.  Rocket man Reggie was due a big one and today he's looking good.

1st down New Orleans. 
Thomas runs for 2.
Colston end around for gain of 6.  First touch of the ball for Colston today.  3rd and 2.
Thomas takes pitch over right tackle and gets the first down.  Good job guys.

1st and goal at 9.  Brees to Colston who leaps the pile at the 1... But looses the ball and it trickles out the end zone for a touch back.  Oh man, Colston can not catch a break at the moment (although at least he's back to catching passes after last weeks debacle).  It will be the Rams ball at their own 20. 

1st down Rams with 3.33 on the clock.
Rams penalty so 1st and 15.
Jackson takes pitch and is wrapped up for a loss of 2... FINALLY.
Pass to Jackson in the flat but Roman Harper makes a great tackle for a loss of 1.  3rd and 17.

Pass completion but the Ram (who cares what his name is as I need some beer) is short of the first down marker. 

Rams punt to Bush who makes some moves and gets it 20 odd yards before the gain is called back against Leigh Torrence for holding so we continue killing ourselves and start at our own 23.

1st down Saints
Thomas over right guard for 5.
Slant pass to Henderson for a first down.  Great pick up by Devery to the Saints 41.  It's between Usama Young and Devery Henderson for Saint of the Week at the moment as we close out the 3rd Quarter.

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