Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Saints Falcons Post Game Analysis

What have we learnt from tonight?  Well number 1, don't start writing your reflections on the game before the game clock is at 0, amateur bloger. 

Number 2, despite almost being a complete Butkus by calling the game too early in my Saints Falcons 4th Quarter analysis I'm still going to publish the pre Bell fumble summassion I had written both out of complete laziness at this hour and because it mostly still stands:

I'm pretty happy that most of the Saints Falcons preview post came to fruition: 

1 - Brees beat Ryan hands down in the top QB contest. General Brees commands the troops like few others and deserves win number 7.

General Brees

2 - Brees got better protection.  Take a bow Jermon Bushrod, Carl Nicks, Jonathan Goodwin, Jahri Evans and Jon Stinchcomb.

3 - The Saints Defence forced decisive turnovers.  Jabari Greer and Tracy Porter made game changing interceptions and added 7 points to the Saints secondary's tally for the season.  They're tied with the running backs for the most improved unit on the team.  (Plus Sharpers last second one, the 61st of his career).

4 - The Saints Defence just about kept a lid on Turner and Gonzalez... but only just.  Turner scared the living cr@p out of me towards the end there but we managed to hang on.

5 - The Saints crowd were fervent (hardly an incisive call there Falconer... and stop talking about yourself in the 3rd person you numb skull) but they managed to cause 1 important penalty and hey it all counts in the big win.

Saints Fans Romans

Oh and I picked a Saint 14 point win after a tight game... so I was only 3 out (8 in the end after the Butkus Bell).  Sue me... Clearly opening myself up for a verbal beating.


  1. I think all that bumbling and messing up at the end of the game was for us old-timers. It put us back into our comfort zone, you know, what we are used to. LOL.

  2. Ain't no doubt about it Saintseester. That's why I choose to blog as the game wears on as I can then read back and see what I was feeling at the time. Normally my glass is always half empty because I'm expecting the worst given the past!

    Hope you enjoyed the final result as much as I did. Did you watch the game at home or at a bar or friends house? I choose to stay home now to avoid going purple in public when the nerves get too much! LOL

  3. The depth of your analysis and the stunning breadth of your argument leave me and all other Saints fans chastised.

  4. yeh, you're right - i take it back. what i meant to say was saints suck big HAIRY sweaty balls. silly mistake on my part and i assure you it won't happen again