Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Saints Falcons 4th Quarter Analysis

So we open the 4th Quarter with the Falcons driving to the Saint 29 and my heart's in my mouth.  The ESPN Analyst doesn't help by pointing out Falcons coach Roddy White has never lost back to back games with the Falcons.  Heck of a time to bring that up guys, thanks a lot.  My heart has gone to Defcon 4.

Big 3rd and 5 coming up after incompletion and Turner run.  DEEEEFENCE, DEEEEFENCE, DEEEEFENCE.  Come on crowd, be the 12th man...  GET THE FUNK IN, they force the run wide and only pick up 1.  But the Falcons go for it on 4th and 4 and... connect to Gonzalez for a 1st down and I'm going to hide behind my giant hands for a while.

Falcons at the 9, false start penalty though and they are 2nd and 12.  Did the crowd entice their first big penalty of the game?

Saints Fans Super Dome

Ryan to ex Saint Stecker (Judas) and they're down to the 7.  3rd and 4.  Ryan to Roddy White for a touchdown and we are tied... NOOOO, the call is being challenged and with good reason as that ball was not caught.  And the ruling is overturned!!  4th down and 4.  This time the Falcons are settling for the field goal and Elam converts.  Heck of a job holding them to 3.

Falcons 24 Saints 28.

Saints take the field with the ball at the Saints 25.  Time for a big time drive.

Brees to Henderson for 8.  Bell runs right and picks up 1 and a half so we're facing 3rd and a squiral.  Oh jeez, Thomas spills the ball to the carpet and the Falcons recover.  Payton is challenging the call as it looks like Thomas may have been down before he was mugged at the bottom of the pile.  And...

Pierre Thomas Fumble Falcons

They loose the challenge and are out of challenge attempts.  DAMN.  The Falcons have the ball at the 35 with momentum.  Time for a Championship defence.

But no Michael Turner runs for 20 after being stuffed at the line.  This is the guy I most feared and he is putting up big numbers.  Heck of a play.

But... Tracy Porter intercepts the next Ryan pass at the 2 and returns it to the Saints 20.  Jonathan Vilma tipped that ball which pushed it Porters way.  Heck of a momentum shift back the Saints way and hell of a play by messers Vilma and Porter.  Man this game is killing my ticker.

Quickly to 3rd and 5.  A yellow flag rescues the Saints as the ball sails past Reggie Bush.  I think we caught a break as that was not pass interference.

Bell picks up 2.  Brees long down field to Colston who makes an outstanding catch at the Falcon 41.  Colston is upended but holds on and wins my undying love.

Marques Colston Love

Bell runs right for 4.  Here we go, finally a decent 2nd half drive.  Thomas in the back field floors John Abraham giving Brees time to complete an uncatchable ball to Shockey... who catches it being the legend he is.  1st down!

Thomas inside picks up 4 and the clock is ticking down to 4 minutes.  Brees to Colston for the 1st down and the clock runs as the Falcons throw a hissy fit because they are big birds and can't take the pace.

Thomas for a couple and Atlanta call a timeout with the ball at their own 7, 3.12 on the clock.  Brees to Henderson who is stopped at the 1.  Great catch (more because it eases my blood pressure than a hall of fame catch or anything).  3rd and goal.  Come on the black and gold, this is the game.

Brees to Thomas in the flat who leaps and... TOUCHDOWN!!  That Pierre Thomas Jersey goes to the top of my Christmas list and perhaps many others.

Falcons 24 Saints 35 with 3.03 on the clock.

Falcons ball at the 34 and the commentators are goofing.  Goof away boys as I am happy... for now.  Ryan will be heading to the air as the Dome picks up the noise.  Here we go...

Oh my, tipped pass and Sharper almost snares another interception but drops it, damn.  Roman Harper makes a heck of an open field tackle on Gonzalez on the next play to bring up 3rd and 2.  Ryan converts by sneaking out the pocket and takes it to the 48.

Will Smith of Hollywood fame forces a fumble and the Saints recover.  Smith is definitely among the Super Saints of the week with 4 tackles, 2 sacks and 1 forced fumble.

However the Falons have just challenged the call and won it.  Incomplete pass my ass.  Stupid Falcons.  Brings up the 2 minute warning.  So chalk off the forced fumble from Will Smiths numbers and he's relegated to Super boy status for now.

Will Smith Super Boy of the Week

Ryan to White down the sidelines but Sharper gets over there to force White out before he gets the second foot down so incomplete.  Hell of a play Eagle Eyes.  Another incomplete and it's 4th and 10.  This is it...

And the ball sails incomplete and the Saints will WIN!!!!  Saints go 7 and 0 and steal a march on the division crown.

Except I've spoken too soon because, as the Saints were running the clock out, Bell inexplicably fumbles the ball.  Put two arms on that thing man, for F@*ks sake!!

Now my heart is pumping 20 to the dozen.  It's quickly 4th down though so Elam is in to kick a 40 yard field goal to narrow the score to 35 to 27.  All eyes on the on side kick and the 'not so great' Saints kick return team.  28 seconds on the clock...

And it's...  a hell of a scrum of 20 guys and... the Falcons have the ball, unbelievable!!  26 seconds left.

Ryan to Jenkins and the Falcons are at midfield with 11 seconds to go.  Here comes the Hail Mary.  Come on Porter, Sharper, Greer, Gay, et al...

DARREN SHARPER intercepts!!!!  My man.  And the heart can return to normal and I can stop almost crying like the big girl I clearly am.

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