Friday, November 13, 2009

Reggie Bush mph

Last season the Reggie Bush mph display read a cool 22 as he returned a punt for a touchdown against the Minnesota Vikings on Monday Night Football. That was said to be only marginally slower than Usain Bolt when he clocked a new World record in the 100 meter sprint at the Beijing Olympics.  So I got to wondering, just how fast can Reggie Bush push it this year?

Reggie Bush mph
The Usain Bolt and Reggie Bush mph challenge

To start with I've put this calculation together:

Reggie Bush mph = Criticism by media and some Saints fans + restricted playing time / natural ability x point to prove

By this calculation I would say Reggie Bush is due a big game and a big game means big speed.  Why?

Reggie is totally committed to the Saints cause, is blessed with frightening natural ability and has been restricted to bit part roles all season.  His contribution in 2009 has been sound rather than spectacular but that is not for a lack of trying.

Against the Carolina Panthers in Week 9 by way of example he caught 7 passes for 37 yards and carried the ball twice for a further 16.  All good and respectable and part of a team ethos that helps the Saints to win so who cares right?  Right.  But you know, you can only keep a rocket on the pad for so long with engines burning before thrust beats gravity and heads for the stars.  So it will be with Reggie Bush one week very soon.

Rocket Man Reggie Bush

Rocket Man Reggie Bush

In fact I can see it coming against any number of scheduled opponents with the St. Louis Rams first up.  Whoa Betide Donnie Jones (Rams Punter) if he should kick it Reggie's way without sufficient hang time because this Sidewinder is coiled and ready to strike.  Should Jones heed his coaches' advice and punt it out of bounds at every opportunity there's always the hapless Tampa Bay Buccaneers or Washington Redskins.  Or maybe Reggie is saving it up for the New England Patriots in prime time or, huc ttt, America's Team on December 19th.

Whichever it is I'm willing to take bets Mr. Bush has the ability and desire to get it done and break his speed record for good measure.  Just remember that when he does finally take a long one for 6 be sure to check your speed gun for the Reggie Bush mph may be faster than you think.

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