Thursday, November 5, 2009

Jabari Greer Saints Helmet Player of the Week

Following the propane a lane hum dinger of a ball game on Monday Night Football in which the Famous New Orleans Saints offence took to the skies and out jumped the wingless Falcons I thought it was about time to name my Saint of the Week.

A plethora of options for the Saints Helmet to choose from

Honourable mentions must firstly go out to the main contenders which were:

a) The Entire Saints Offence and
b) The Entire Saints Defence

However the Saints Helmet Player of the Week award is an individual award so the top 5 in descending order are:

Darren Sharper - 5th Place.  He made smart plays all over the field and kept Matt Ryan second guessing with his blitz stunts.  He deserved the addition to his league leading tally of interceptions that came his way in the 4th and is surely a shoe in for the Pro Bowl barring disaster.

Marques Colston - 4th place.  His dominance at going up for jump balls, witness the 2nd Quarter touchdown grab, mean he is Drew Brees' go to target in the Red Zone.  Factor in his ability to make the big play, like the deep ball in the 4th, and you have one heck of a contender for the Pro Bowl.

Will Smith - 3rd place.  His pass rush efforts forced Ryan to throw before his feet were set on a number of occasions and was rewarded with 2 sacks, 4 tackles and 1 forced fumble (well nearly).  It's great to see the big man back as the Saints sack king.

Drew Brees - 2nd place.  What more superlatives can one say about Drew Brees?  He is simply playing outstanding football and is head and shoulders the best Quarterback in the league in my opinion.  His numbers speak for themselves but beyond that he is a leader of men and showed once again that he can put the ball where few others even dare to thread.  Truly a Saints Legend in the making.

Jabari Greer - Saints Helmet Player of the Week.  It would have been too easy to give the gong to Drew Brees as he realistically wins it hands down week in week out so, to make it interesting, I have gone with the game changer himself, Saints cornerback Jabari Greer.

Jabari Greer Saints

The interception he returned for a touchdown just before half time was the turning point in the game.  It left the Falcons mentally scared going into the locker room knowing they faced an insurmountable challenge in the second half.  Up to that point the Falcons had been playing pretty good football so Greers' interception firstly stopped a promising drive that could have levelled the scores and secondly increased the points difference to two touchdowns.

The Saints secondary as a whole has been so impressive as a unit this season that it's a pleasure to award one of their kin the award for the second time this season.  No longer do I have to hide behind my giant foam hands any time an opposing QB takes to the air for I know that in Jabari Greer, Darren Sharper, Roman Harper and Tracy Porter, who also came up with a game changing pick, we now have a secondary that helps make us a genuine contender.  Roll on the Panthers!


  1. Jabari has definitely made a difference (so has porter not sporting a broken arm, but that's not the point). But don't ask Aikman about it. According to him, we have the same team as last year and haven't made any changes. Idiot.

    I swear I heard someone say on MNF that we have one of the best secondaries in the NFL. Holy Crap!!! Who'd have thunk it?

    (Oh, to add categories, you need to go into the blogger dashboard, under "layout," "page elements" you'll need to add a page element. Blogger has been really quirky though, and sometimes the button to add boxes doesn't show up. I have no idea why. Just try back again later in the day to see if it shows back up. At that point you should get a choice of box types to add in your sidebar. Categories should be in there somewhere.)

  2. Thanks Michelle,

    Really appreciate that. I need to order my labels down a bit as they seem to have run wild.

    Ha what does Aikman know? He's to busy combing his hair to see real talent emerging in this league!