Monday, November 23, 2009

Mike Bell Saints MVP Vs. Bucs

The Saints player of the week award of recent has gone to guys on the Defensive side of the ball.  This has partly been in recognition of their great progress this season, the way they have forced turnovers at key points in games and also (probably) because I'm always slightly biased towards the D (I was a pretty good CB in my playing days and grew up watching the Dome Patrol dominate all they surveyed).

As such it feels unnatural for me to flip to the Saints O but I can't ignore two worthy winners on that side and one effort in particular:

Mike Bell Saints Running Back:  Mike Bell put in a hard days work Sunday with his running between the tackles and two touchdown display.  I love the way he exploded into people and furrowed forward for an extra yard on each carry.  It's gritty no nonsense running at times but oh so valuable to the team effort.

Mike Bell Jersey

His numbers were not as good as those put up by the man wearing the Pierre Thomas jersey, which did give me pause for thought, but here is why he just got the nod ahead of his running compadre.

On the Saints second possession of the second half Pierre Thomas saw daylight for the first time in the day and broke a run for 17 yards.  The very next play Mike Bell breaks one for 28 yards but has 15 taken off for unsportsmanlike conduct after the play.

Now that could have been costly and tempered his aggression.  Instead he comes back a play later and apologises to his team mates by doing it where it counts and running hard up the middle for 13.  Not content with that he takes the next ball and leaps the pile for a 3 yard touchdown run.   

That run of plays demonstrated his character, his competitive streak and his will to win and for that he just pips Pierre Thomas to the Saints MVP jersey for week 11.

His final numbers were 13 attempts for 75 yards and 2 TDs with 1 reception thrown in for good measure.

Pierre Thomas Saints Jersey Number 23:  Mr Thomas can feel hard done by for missing out on the MVP award for he had a stellar game posting 92 yards on 11 attempts and a further 11 yards off 3 receptions.  His second half efforts yet again enabled us to move the ball freely and wear down the opposing D to see out the game.  His one two power play with Mike Bell enabled us to perfectly balance the Offence again as he broke through the lines at vital times.  The Saints are lucky to have two such competitors in their backfield.

Pierre Thomas jersey
Mr Number 23 - Saints Pierre Thomas Jersey of choice

Honourable mentions to...

Drew Brees Saints QB Master:  Once again Drew Brees calmly went about running the most potent offence in the league with one of his trademark authoritative displays under center.  He didn't have to be flashy.  He simply marched us to the 1st down marker time after time with ruthless efficiency and still ended up with a 3 TD passing haul.  His final numbers were a respectable 19 of 29 for 187 and 0 picks.

David Thomas Saints Legend in the Making:  The Saints backup TE showed again what an effective weapon he can be with some great run blocking and 66 yards through the air off 4 receptions.  He also chipped in with his first Saints TD which deserves an honourable mention.

Malcolm Jenkins Saints Rookie CB:  The Saints 2009 1st round draft pick looked completely at home in the Saints secondary and put in a great starting display.  His coverage was excellent and the only time Freeman really beat him was with an inch perfect pass.  He ended the day with 5 tackles and an excellent pick to keep family Jenkins singing all week.

The Rest of the Saints Team:  Overall it was a great team effort and everyone deserves praise for a professional display.  The Saints O was perfectly balanced and eventually clicked into rhythm in the second half whilst the Saints D continued turning the ball over at vital points.  It would be nice to see the Run D solidify in time for the Pats game and the return of Sedrick Ellis can only help in that department.  We will need the A team out for that one so here's hoping y'all are home resting up today.

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