Wednesday, November 25, 2009

The New Orlean Saints... as my mum would say

My mum has always been different. Not for her calling the New Orleans Saints by their official name. Oh no Siree, she has to call them the 'New Orlean Saints hun'. Likewise the Falcons are the 'Fowlcans', the Minnesota Vikings the 'Minn Viks' and the Miami Dolphins the 'Mimi Delphs'.

So I thought I would delve into that wonderful brain of hers this week and asked her to predict the 10 most unlikely things to be said about the Saints in the national media between now and the end of the season. Enjoy!

1 - My, don't they have an abundance of healthy cornerbacks in New Orleans.

2 - Drew Brees is definitely the best Quarterback in the NFL, end of discussion.  We apologise for always banging on about Peyton Manning and Tom Brady so much.

Drew Brees 2009 chant
It's Official - The Drew Brees 2009 chant is led by THE best QB in the NFL

3 - That Sean Payton really needs to be a little less conservative with his play calling sometimes.

4 - The Saints are so one dimensional on offence, cover David Thomas and the game is done.

5 - David Thomas is a legend in his own time.

6 - So the recently renamed New Orlean Saints go out of the playoffs at the Wild Card stage to the unstoppable Washington Redskins.  Next up, the mighty Detroit Lions.

New Orlean Saints chearleaders
The New Orlean Saints Chearleaders - Nothing to cheer following Redskins defeat

7 - Reggie Bush who?  And what's a Kim Kardashian?

8 - Jeremy Shockey needs to get more tattoos on that right arm of his.  It's just so lacking in any color right now.

9 - The New Orleans Saints halftime song is number 1 in both Saudi Arabia and Iran this week.

10 - The Drew Brees 2009 chant clearly has no effect in raising team morale.  Why does he continue to bother?

And that's all from my mum for this week or as she calls herself XDUK5FKZMF7V

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