Sunday, November 22, 2009

NO Jerseys Vs Bucs 1st Quarter

So the banged up New Orleans Saints visit the no hope Tampa Bay Bucs in a sunny but half empty Florida stadium straight out of Disney World.  Way to show your support Bucs fans.

Courtney Roby takes the Saints opening kick off to the 23 where Drew Brees will lead the mighty Saints offence onto the field.

1st play sees a nicely designed draw to Pierre Thomas which picks up 7.

Brees dumps the next pass off to Thomas for a 1st down at the Saints 33.

Brees out of the shot gun throws to Jeremy Shockey who takes it to the 38 (105th consecutive game with a catch for Shockey according to Fox).

The Mike Bell jersey containing the body of Mike Bell takes the ball and rams it for 4 more to bring up 3rd and 1.

Brees pitches to Pierre Thomas who steps on a banana skin and up ends himself 3 yards shy of the 1st down marker.
    So Thomas Morstead comes in and pictures that kid who used to call him names in school and puts his foot through the ball for a mighty punt to the Bucs 5 yard line.

    1st down Bucs, 11.53.

    Run by Cadillac Williams meets a wall of Saints linebackers and grounds out 2.

    Williams runs through a Sedrick Ellis shaped hole for 6 bringing up 3rd and 2.

    Pass by Freeman under pressure from Jonathan Vilma completes for a 1st.
      Draw play by Bucs for another 1st down out to the Bucs 42.

      Next play sees Will Smith go unblocked and drops Freeman for a sack of 8, his 8th and a half of the season. Feel free to leave Will Smith unblocked all day Tampa.  2nd and 18.

      Saints 92 Remi Ayodele lines up in the neutral zone and takes 5 off that.  Will Smith gives him a dirty look and Ayodele looks as far from the NO Saints Hall of Fame as ever.

      Williams runs up the middle, gets bounced back so tries to go outside but Saints Rookie Malcolm Jenkins and Darren Sharper combine for the tackle for no gain.

      On 3rd and 13 Freeman looks down field, sees no one so takes off and beats all Saints linebackers to the 50 and a 1st down.

      Cadillac Williams again for 2 up the middle.  2nd and 8.

      Graham takes the ball, bounces again and picks up a 1st down.  The tackle by Darren Sharper came about with the aid of a facemask so the Bucs move all the way down to the Saints 21.

      1st down Bucs.

      Derrick Ward for 3.

      Freeman goes to the end zone on the next play and Roman Harper reads it the whole way and almost picks it off.  Damn that was almost great.

      Freeman does a great impression of a slippery eel and gets away from Will Smith and Co before launching to the back corner of the end zone for a TOUCHDOWN.  The Bucs ran on us all too easy through that drive.  Hope we can find a better way to fill the middle or we'll loose a lot of the game clock to this power rushing.

      Saints 0 Bucs 7.  4.58

      Courtney Roby impresses his watching girlfriend with a 20 yard return to the Saints 29.

      1st down Saints.

      Pierre Thomas goes over left tackle and is stopped for 0.

      Drew Brees to Saints legend in the making David Thomas takes the ball 13 down the field and then makes a great break and run all the way down to the Bucs 32 for a pick up of 37.

      1st down Saints.

      Pierre Thomas draw play picks up 7 and injures a Buc in the process... So basically a perfect play.  2nd and 3.

      Brees to Colston over the middle to the Bucs 15 for another 1st down.

      Mike Bell delay draw picks up 5.  Boy does that jersey run hard.  He explodes into people.

      Brees to David Thomas again for a pick up of 6.

      1st and goal at the 4.

      Brees to Robert Meachem and... TOUCHDOWN!!  Meachem on a crossing pattern took the ball at the 2 and lunged for the line.  Great response by the Saints and impressive showing again by David Thomas and of course Mr Saints himself, Drew Brees.

      Saints 7 Bucs 7.

      The Bucs will start at the 31.

      Josh Freeman has all kinds of time and then... almost throws a pick.

      Cadillac Williams cuts back for a 5 yard gain.  3rd and 5.

      Freeman throws to the sidelines against Scott Shanley but the ball is caught out of bounds so the Bucs will punt.  Darren Sharper takes a fair catch to close out the first quarter and the Saints will take over at their own 18 when we return.


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