Sunday, November 15, 2009

Saints Vs Rams 4th Quarter Analysis

So we open the 4th with the Saints leading Steven Jackson 21 to 17.

1st and 10 Saints ball at their own 41 yard line.

Brees to Thomas on a screen for a gain of 5.
False start against Saints number 80 Darnell Dinkins who sheepishly runs to the sidelines looking for a towel to hide under at least until Sean Payton forgets he's on the roster.

Brees to David Thomas (back up TE) for 5th catch of the day and picks up the first down.

Brees to Colston for 9.  New Saints legend in waiting Kyle Eckel takes the ball over right guard for a first down.

Brees looks deep and... Hits Robert Meachem for a 27 yard TOUCHDOWN!! 
Meachem was running a perfect post pattern en route to his first reception of the day.  We needed that.  Great job guys.  That is now the 4th touchdown chalked up on the Robert Meachem stats sheet for 2009.  Solid drive 7 plays 77 yards in 3 minutes 15 and now a half decent lead.

Robert Meachem stats
The Robert Meachem stats sheet just gets better and better.

Saints 28 Rams 17

1st down Rams with 12.15 left in the game.

Jackson runs straight into Charles Grant who eats him up for a loss of 2.
Jackson again over right tackle and SCOTT FUJITA makes the tackle.  SCOTT FUJITA people, he's back!!

3rd and 9 and guess who they throw it to?  I'll give you a hint, his name rhymes with Meevan Saxon. 

So the Rams punt it to Reggie who takes a cheap shot on his knee as he goes out of bounds at the Saints something or other.  A pen knocks it back to the 25.

1st down Saints.
Bell up the middle for 1.
Brees looks deep and finds Jeremy Shockey for a 25 yard pick up to midfield.

1st down Saints.
 Brees looks deep to Devery Henderson but a flag comes out and... The Rams nosetackle is called for off sides which suits me just fine but causes havoc with the big mans inner monologue.
1st and 5.  Mike Bell over right tackle to the Rams 39.

1st down New Orleans.  The St Louis Jacksons have a LB down so we go to a commercial break for some inspirational message from the people at Dodge.  They instantly make me want to rush out and buy a pick up truck so I can drive it straight through the lobby of the marketing company who came up with that cynical heart string tug rubbish... bar humbug!

Brees to Devery Henderson who drops a badly thrown pass.  2nd and 10.
Mike Bell runs to the sidelines and picks up 3.  Good job as he could have got stuffed for a loss.

3rd and 7.  Brees looks right and the ball is battered down.  Drew looks upset with himself there.  The Saints will punt it...  however a dirty Ram runs into Thomas Morstead and will be called for a 5 yard pen so we'll replay 4th down.  Will we go for the field goal or a 4th down conversion? 

Sean sends Brees back out.  Gutsy guy.  Ok here we go, 4th and 2.  Brees changing the call and... Then burns a timeout as the play clock runs out.  John Carney looks eager to kick but Payton is not looking his way.  Carney looks upset and for good reason as Kyle Eckle is given the ball and runs into a wall of Rams and we give the ball over on downs.  What does that say about Paytons faith in Carney's leg?  Hope that lack of faith doesn't bite us in the ass come playoff time.

1st down Rams at their own 32.

Incompletion then Jackson for 9.   3rd and 1.

Bulger to Rams number 16 who brilliantly drops it when he had a wide open field ahead of him.  Like any good man who stares at goats I managed to force Ram number 16 to leave that ball well alone (and yes I am claiming that one on my powers of mind control because I shouted 'DROP IT' and he obliged... and no I'm not crazy, well I don't think I am anyway).

It brings up a 4th down and... They’re going for it.  They hand it to Steven Jackson and... Will Smith of I Am Legend fame stuffs him for a loss of 1.

Will Smith Saints
Saints Will Smith - Coming soon to a back field near you

1st down Saints with just over 6 minutes to go.  Ball at Rams 40.
Mike Bell for 5 to start the drive.  2nd and 5.
Now Thomas over left tackle for a gain of 1 and we're quickly to 3rd and 4.
A Ram manages to break the great Saints O line and drops Brees for his first sack of the day.  4th and 4 and Morstead punts into the end zone.

1st down Rams at their own 20.

Mark Bulger to Steven Jackson on a screen that doesn't work out and he's dropped for a loss of 3 but Fox cut to the action at the Redskin game so we don't know who made that great tackle.  Pass completion for a 1st down.  3.44 left in the game.

1st down Rams at their own 42.  Pass to Jackson for 7.
Another pass and another completion out to the Saints 42.  Bobby McCray limps off to add to our great overall D health.

1st down Rams.
Bulger to someone or other and ANOTHER 1st down to the 19 with 2.50 left in the game.

1st down St Louis.
Bulger to Donny Avery and TOUCHDOWN.  Great pass and catch there over the back of Randall Gay at the goal line.

The Rams are going for 2 points and... It’s incomplete.  So we now await the joys of a squib kick.  Which way will it go? 

It goes Marques Colstons way and he gets to rectify his earlier fumble with an important take.

Saints 28 Steven Jackson 23

Saints 1st down at the Rams 42.
Mike Bell up the middle and picks up 6 with 2.38 left.
Pierre Thomas now over right tackle for 1 more and now we look at 3rd and 3.
Brees throws incomplete to Henderson.  Bull crap.  4th and 3. 
Morstead to punt with 2.29 left on the clock. 

This game was not meant to be this close.  I was looking forward to a nice comfortable ride for my nervous disposition but oh no, we have to go and make hard work out of playing a one man team.  I still love you guys though.

1st down Rams at their own 20, 2.21 on the clock.
Surprise, surprise as Steven Jackson takes the ball for 5 and we hit the 2 minute warning.

Bulger runs out of bounds to stop the clock and pick up a 1st.

1st play, incompletion.
Next up Bulger to Jackson for a pick up of 6. 1.30 and counting.
Bulger throws incomplete and now it's 4th and 4 with 1.21 on the clock.  This is the game...

Bulger to Gibson and it's ruled... complete on the field... but the Booth will review it and for good reason because that looks like it touched the turf before he caught it.  This is damn tight.  Which way will it go? 

(Well, you as the reader will know because by the time you read this the decision will have been made but for me right now... I'm like a small child who's bed light has been turned out for the first time after watching the Wickerman, namely, SCARED senseless). 

And no the call is not overturned so 1st down Rams at the 48. 

Next up a pass completion and another 1st down.

Now Bulger to Jackson on a screen for 5.  30 secs on clock.  My nails have gone, they've simply disappeared.

Bulger looks down the left side line but the ball hits the back of Malcolm Jenkins helmet, his best input in the game to date.

19 secs left.

Bulger to Jackson for 3 yards.

4th and 2. Clock ticking down so they have to go for the end zone and...

The ball falls incomplete.  Thank **** for that!! 

Jeez man that was tight. 

Again a fairly indifferent Saints performance from certain personnel. 

To be fair we've got so used to the A game that when they fall below some of their early season heroics it looks bad, but still I did expect us to enjoy a fairly comfortable day.

Overall we still did a decent enough job with a massively banged up defence.  Some of the secondary on display looked like they had barely been introduced.  And lest we forget we are now 9 and 0 and on course for the playoffs.  So to come out with yet another win when we're not playing at our best is a further indication that we have championship quality within us (and I say us because clearly I have 'loads' to do with it what with never playing a pro snap in my life but you know what I mean). 

I'm now going to go and look at the stars in my back yard for a few minutes whilst I reflect on this one.

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