Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Saints 1st Win In The Superdome Remembered Plus Meachem & Hamilton Join The Circus

Do you remember those halcyon days when the Saints were total garbage and couldn't string a scoring drive together if Sugar Ray Robinson threatened to beat every last one of them to a pulp?

Yeah well for some it doesn't feel so long ago so here's a nice reminisce on the first time the Saints won in the Superdome to begin their slow ascent to greatness.
Arhchie Manning joy!

And here's a vid of Robert Meachem and Lynell Hamilton having some fun if not quite a career change.

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Eli & Peyton Manning in Football Cops Behind The Scenes

Here's something Archie Manning probably never envisaged for his sons, rolls as pseudo Village People New York Cops impersonating the Beastie Boys.

It's a tough job but someone's gotta do it dagnabbit!

5 Saints Who Should Be In The Saints Hall Of Fame

New Orleans resident Patrick Michael put together the following list over at Yahoo Sports of the 5 Saints players who should be inducted into the Saints Hall of Fame.

Do you agree? Let's take a look.

5. LB Mark Fields (1995-2000) - Michaels argues that Fields was incredibly gifted, recorded 23 sacks, went to the Pro Bowl and once memorably chased down Isaac Bruce from behind. All fair points but should he join Joe Federspiel as the only non Dome Patrol LB in the HOF? Hmm, on balance I'd say so but there are others further up the queue.

4. TE John Tice (1983-92) - Tice came just before my time and I mainly remember Hoby Brenner from this period so it's difficult for me to officiate on this one. Michaels points out he was more of a glorified lineman who was all important for Mayes, Hilliard and co to start posting 1K yards per season.

Fair point. It's often the unsexy positions that go overlooked. On this one I'll take Mr Michaels opinion on trust.

3. DE Darren Howard (2000-05) - racked up 11 sacks in rookie campaign as part of Saints team that won the first playoff game in team history (tick). Ended Saints career with 44.5 sacks, 196 tackles and 65 assisted.

Yep I think he gets in but again further down the road.

2. Owner Tom Benson (1985-present) - As Michaels points out there are only 3 members of the Saints organization who are non players namely Jim Finks, Jim Mora and Steve Sidwell. As such it is clear Benson deserves a place having helped to revive the franchise, keep them in New Orleans and help bring back that first Super Bowl.

1. RB Deuce McAllister (2001-08) - The Legend and shoe in himself, the mighty Deuce brooks no argument from me. One of the greatest Saints players and people of all time. With 7,816 yards from scrimmage, 54 TDs and two Pro Bowls to his name there is little doubt that Deuce will be enshrined in the not too distant future.

Other possibles that didn't make the list:
Aaron Brooks QB
Quinn Early WR
Craig "Ironhead" Heyward RB - R.I.P.

Read the full article here

Longest Punt Return In NFL History Against The Saints & Identical Twins Reflect On The Saintsations

Here's a bit of ignominious history this Tuesday. Just posted on YouTube it's the longest punt return in NFL history as performed by Robert Bailey of the Rams during a game against the New Orleans Saints in 1994.

And here are identical twins Letra & Netra Wilson being interviewed during their tenure in the Saintsations.

Monday, June 20, 2011

Mark Ingram Highlights

This video of the career highlights of Mark Ingram whilst at Alabama makes for some pretty exciting stuff. I can't wait to see him in the black and gold of the Saints where his highlights package is set to only grow and grow.

And here is a video of Mark Ingram showing what a class act he is by helping out in Tuscaloosa as he helps the victims of the April 27th tornado.

The thought of Pierre Thomas, Chris Ivory and Mark Ingram sharing the backfield (assuming Reggie is on his way) is going to be such a power attack. The three combined have the potential to wear D's down especially in the second half of games. It's going to be quite a sight.

Would love Reggie to be part of it but there's no way we can justify even half his current salary given the amount of touches of the ball he receives. Whilst I do believe he upsets D's with his lineup mis-matches its not enough given the injury problems.

In an ideal world he'd re-sign and we'd have the most balanced backfield in the NFL but I don't see it happening. Fingers crossed but I doubt it.

Still with the Mark Ingram highlights reel set to explode this Fall we'll hopefully be able to compensate for Reggie's loss if he does indeed move on.

And finally today

And finally here's vid posted up on YouTube yesterday. Great memory of this as Drew Brees throws to Marques Colston during the 2010 NFL play offs against the Cardinals. Can we just get back to football fast? People want to see this not discussions on $'s!

Friday, June 17, 2011

2 Saints Players In Yahoo Sports Top 10 Players To Track For Fantasy Teams

Guess who they are? One is a 6-6 TE with electric speed and all the attributes to be a stand out for years to come. The other is the next Emmitt Smith and future Saints Hall of Famer (hyperbowl - what hyperbowl?).

Yep you got it; Jimmy Graham and Mark Ingram. Who Dat!

On Graham: Expect to hear his name in conjunction with the word “sleeper” a whole lot this summer...

On Ingram: There’s a reason the Saints traded back into the first round to land the former Heisman Trophy winner from Alabama...

Check out the full picks list here

In other Saints news a hotel worker has been accused of stealing Stanley Arnoux's Super Bowl ring. The thief, Gil Ulloa, was found to be the valet manager at the Fontainebleau Hotel on Miami Beach. He reportedly stole it from the athlete’s vehicle during Memorial Day weekend and has been charged with grand theft and dealing in stolen property. He's been released on $20,000 bond and the stolen $30K Super Bowl ring returned to Arnoux.

Man, you don't steal a Saints Super Bowl ring, come on. Did you go through the blood, sweat and tears to earn that piece? Nope, so don't steal it. It's more than just money, it's history.

Here's a full report on it

Drew Brees pleased with Saints' turnout

Saints quarterback Drew Brees said the turnout by the players for the workouts at Tulane were better than he could have hoped for.

In other news Saints defensive end, Cam Jordan, talks about his expectations for the upcoming season. He wants to contribute in every way he can with the best of his abilities.

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Former Saints QB Danny Wuerffel in hospital with nervous system disorder

Former New Orleans Saints quarterback Danny Wuerffel has been hospitalized and is currently undergoing intensive treatment for Guillian-Barre Syndrome. It's a condition which sees the immune system attacking the nervous system.

Best wishes to Danny for a speedy recovery from a horrible condition.

Remi Ayodele Bigs Up Drew Brees As The Best Looking QB In The NFL

Who do you think the hottest NFL Quarterback out there is? Well according to Remi Ayodele it is non other than his team mate and all round legend Drew Brees.

Now I don't know that I've ever given it much thought to be honest and doubt I will again after this. But what I do like is the fact that Remi is even willing to go on camera and say such a think about his team mate and leader. Whether joking or not it shows the all out commitment to big up Brees at every opportunity.

Next they'll be asking which NFL QB makes the best apple pie and no doubt Remi will be stating Drews credentials on that one too!

Ah man can we just play some football already! Nope? Still locked out? OK then I guess we'll have to make do with more videos...

This time DJ Williams challenges the Saints Jimmy Graham to a 40 yard dash.

There was only going to be one winner in that... although the shaky hand camera man could probably do with a rest!

Speaking of Jimmy Graham Canal Street Chronicles ran a great piece the other day speculating if he will emerge as a Superstar as Soon as 2011. He put in a great rookie season last year and may well become a star but I think we should be cautious to over hype. Let him continue to learn the system and develop an innate feel for the game, something which takes time after a switch from basketball.

Read the full article here

Are You Ready For The New Orleans Saints 2011-2012 Season?

I sure am and watching the following video makes me even more excited about another possible epic season. It's time to bash those heads together in those owner meetings so the players can get on and, er, bash their heads together on the football field (unintenionally of course).

Are you ready to be served by the New Orleans Saints once again? Let's go!

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Why oh why can't we just look forward to some football!

Boy has it been a LONG time since my last post. I've been so busy getting my new business up and running that I've not a chance to breath let alone write a blog post. So for that I apologise. I'm hoping the coming season will allow me more time to post.

Which brings me onto the obvious... are we even going to have a season? Grrr!!

The anger within me builds daily on this issue. The longer this stand off goes on the harder it will be to have a true season given the conditioning and practise problems many teams will face.

And all this at a time when I feel the Saints are poised to make it back to the big show again. In fact I've never felt more confident about a roster (assuming of course we can resign the most important free agents on the books).

The thing that has got me buzzing is the draft. I just love the addition of Mark Ingram. I think he could prove the steal of the decade and is one of the most exciting college players I've seen in a long while. I could not believe we managed to grab him! Talk about dream deal.

Then the additions of Cameron Jordan and Martez Wilson really sealed the day. These guys could really play important roles later in the season.

So it is with growing frustration that we continue to wait for the greed mongrels (owners) to stop trying to wreck the best run league in all of professional sports. I truly lay the blame at their door. Don't they know how depressed this economy is right now and how much the fans need an NFL season to look forward to? I guess that matters little when your conceit for the average fan amounts to looking down your nose in disdain at working joe public.

Well I say get over yourselves. Knock some sense into your heads and give us all the season we're hoping for instead of posturing for more cash because you're short a dollar or two having built one too many ego palace stadiums.

In short get on with it!