Sunday, June 12, 2011

Why oh why can't we just look forward to some football!

Boy has it been a LONG time since my last post. I've been so busy getting my new business up and running that I've not a chance to breath let alone write a blog post. So for that I apologise. I'm hoping the coming season will allow me more time to post.

Which brings me onto the obvious... are we even going to have a season? Grrr!!

The anger within me builds daily on this issue. The longer this stand off goes on the harder it will be to have a true season given the conditioning and practise problems many teams will face.

And all this at a time when I feel the Saints are poised to make it back to the big show again. In fact I've never felt more confident about a roster (assuming of course we can resign the most important free agents on the books).

The thing that has got me buzzing is the draft. I just love the addition of Mark Ingram. I think he could prove the steal of the decade and is one of the most exciting college players I've seen in a long while. I could not believe we managed to grab him! Talk about dream deal.

Then the additions of Cameron Jordan and Martez Wilson really sealed the day. These guys could really play important roles later in the season.

So it is with growing frustration that we continue to wait for the greed mongrels (owners) to stop trying to wreck the best run league in all of professional sports. I truly lay the blame at their door. Don't they know how depressed this economy is right now and how much the fans need an NFL season to look forward to? I guess that matters little when your conceit for the average fan amounts to looking down your nose in disdain at working joe public.

Well I say get over yourselves. Knock some sense into your heads and give us all the season we're hoping for instead of posturing for more cash because you're short a dollar or two having built one too many ego palace stadiums.

In short get on with it!

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