Thursday, June 16, 2011

Remi Ayodele Bigs Up Drew Brees As The Best Looking QB In The NFL

Who do you think the hottest NFL Quarterback out there is? Well according to Remi Ayodele it is non other than his team mate and all round legend Drew Brees.

Now I don't know that I've ever given it much thought to be honest and doubt I will again after this. But what I do like is the fact that Remi is even willing to go on camera and say such a think about his team mate and leader. Whether joking or not it shows the all out commitment to big up Brees at every opportunity.

Next they'll be asking which NFL QB makes the best apple pie and no doubt Remi will be stating Drews credentials on that one too!

Ah man can we just play some football already! Nope? Still locked out? OK then I guess we'll have to make do with more videos...

This time DJ Williams challenges the Saints Jimmy Graham to a 40 yard dash.

There was only going to be one winner in that... although the shaky hand camera man could probably do with a rest!

Speaking of Jimmy Graham Canal Street Chronicles ran a great piece the other day speculating if he will emerge as a Superstar as Soon as 2011. He put in a great rookie season last year and may well become a star but I think we should be cautious to over hype. Let him continue to learn the system and develop an innate feel for the game, something which takes time after a switch from basketball.

Read the full article here

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