Tuesday, June 21, 2011

5 Saints Who Should Be In The Saints Hall Of Fame

New Orleans resident Patrick Michael put together the following list over at Yahoo Sports of the 5 Saints players who should be inducted into the Saints Hall of Fame.

Do you agree? Let's take a look.

5. LB Mark Fields (1995-2000) - Michaels argues that Fields was incredibly gifted, recorded 23 sacks, went to the Pro Bowl and once memorably chased down Isaac Bruce from behind. All fair points but should he join Joe Federspiel as the only non Dome Patrol LB in the HOF? Hmm, on balance I'd say so but there are others further up the queue.

4. TE John Tice (1983-92) - Tice came just before my time and I mainly remember Hoby Brenner from this period so it's difficult for me to officiate on this one. Michaels points out he was more of a glorified lineman who was all important for Mayes, Hilliard and co to start posting 1K yards per season.

Fair point. It's often the unsexy positions that go overlooked. On this one I'll take Mr Michaels opinion on trust.

3. DE Darren Howard (2000-05) - racked up 11 sacks in rookie campaign as part of Saints team that won the first playoff game in team history (tick). Ended Saints career with 44.5 sacks, 196 tackles and 65 assisted.

Yep I think he gets in but again further down the road.

2. Owner Tom Benson (1985-present) - As Michaels points out there are only 3 members of the Saints organization who are non players namely Jim Finks, Jim Mora and Steve Sidwell. As such it is clear Benson deserves a place having helped to revive the franchise, keep them in New Orleans and help bring back that first Super Bowl.

1. RB Deuce McAllister (2001-08) - The Legend and shoe in himself, the mighty Deuce brooks no argument from me. One of the greatest Saints players and people of all time. With 7,816 yards from scrimmage, 54 TDs and two Pro Bowls to his name there is little doubt that Deuce will be enshrined in the not too distant future.

Other possibles that didn't make the list:
Aaron Brooks QB
Quinn Early WR
Craig "Ironhead" Heyward RB - R.I.P.

Read the full article here http://sports.yahoo.com/nfl/news?slug=ycn-8666287

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