Friday, November 13, 2009

Jeremy Shockey Highlights

After a slow start to his Saints career due to injury Jeremy Shockey is becoming one of my favorite Saints to watch.  He's running his routs better, developing a good understanding with Drew Brees and demonstrating what a safe pair of hands he can be.  He is now an important weapon in the Saints arsenal and a big time player.

Jeremy Shockey highlights what the Saints have been missing at Tight End for too long.
His performance against the Dolphins in particular stood out.  He was able to get open when it mattered and provide the outlet to Drew Brees at a vital stage in the 4th Quarter.  Catching the ball over the middle Shockey was able to use his speed and strength to break away for 66 yards deep into Dolphin territory.  This set up a Saints score and his overall contribution was a major factor in the big Week 6 come from behind victory. 

Jeremy Shockey Highlights

At the half way point in the season Shockey is on course for one of his biggest single seasons with 402 receiving yards already racked up.  Throw in his considerable blocking contribution and you've got a worthy Saints Pro Bowl candidate at Tight End; almost reminds me of the good ol days with Hoby Brenner.

Beyond the weapons he brings to the field Shockey is also a big time personality.  In a team sport like football it's vital to have guys like that in the locker room to break the ice and keep things relaxed especially with the media hyping up talk of a perfect season.  His veteran leadership will be vital as the Saints navigate their way through the novel experience of the playoffs.

Jeremy Shockey Fight - Showing Veteran Leadership
So in honour of the big man I've put together some pics which show off the man behind the facemask.

In this pic Jeremy Shockey highlights the fact he has an arm.

Jeremy Shockey highlights

"We really should do this more often" dwarf like Drew Brees yells at Jeremy Shockey.

Drew Brees yells at Jeremy Shockey

 Drew Brees Jeremy Shockey fight night - Shockey points the way to the ring.

 Drew Brees Jeremy Shockey fight

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  1. I have to agree with you on Shockey. When he first joined the team, I was quite skeptical that his contribution would outweigh his personality. But, the past few weeks, he's demonstrated that he really is working hard to make the best plays he can. Poetry in motion.