Sunday, November 22, 2009

NO Jerseys Vs Bucs 3rd Quarter

Welcome back to the half empty Bucs home for the second half of this divisional matchup with the Saints leading the Bucs 17 to 7.

The Bucs will start at their own 9 after a penalty on the kick off.

Freeman to Graham for 5 and is wrapped up by Malcolm Jenkins.  2nd and 5.

Cadillac Williams is pounded to the turf by the Fresh Prince of Bel-Air (Will Smith) to bring up 3rd and 1.  Nice play Saints sack king.

Will Smith Saints
The Fresh Prince run stopping

Roman Harper takes Williams legs in the back field but Williams is able to dive forward for a 1st.

Freeman wide for a pick up of 5.  Back up CB Leigh Torrence has popped his shoulder making the tackle and the Saints secondary continue to drop like flies.  He looks in agony on the sidelines.  Fingers crossed he'll be OK.  Do we even have another CB on the sidelines? 

2nd and 5.  Scott Fujita blitzes from the outside and gets Freeman who spills the ball to Anthony Hargroves.  Another Saints forced turnover and a great effort by Scott 'I'm da man' Fujita.

Saints ball at the Bucs 15.

Pierre Thomas up the middle for 2.

Brees on a screen pass to Thomas who is up-ended after a pick up of 2 bringing up 3rd and 6.  If we get this we can put the game away.

Brees to David Thomas and... TOUCHDOWN!!  The Saints legend TE in the making grabs his 1st TD of the season and gets props from Jeremy Shockey on the sidelines.  I think Shockey is trying to convince Thomas to get some tattoos if he's going to qualify for legendary status.

Jeremy Shockey tattoos
Jeremy Shockey Tattoos - A must have for all Legends!

Saints 24 Bucs 7.  10.36 in the 3rd.

1st down Bucs at their 20.

Freeman to someone for 4.  2nd and 6.

Williams hard running up the middle... come back Sedrick Ellis!!  Picks up 5.  3rd and 1.

Graham is stopped short by Will Smith but he can't wrap him up so the Bucs have a 1st down at their 31.

Freeman does his slippery eel bit again and breaks one for 14 to the Bucs 46.  If he could pass as good as he can run he would be a great Quarterback... but he can't... so he's not.

1st down Bucs.

Freeman to Graham for 5.  2nd and 5.

Freeman overthrows his next man AGAIN.  3rd and 5.

Freeman looks over the middle and decides Jonathan Vilma deserves an interception and throws to him.  That's the Saints 19th pick of the season.
Thanks Josh.

1st down Saints at their 45.

Brees incomplete.  Now Brees hands off to Pierre Thomas who sees day light and picks up 17 big ones to the Bucs 38.  Great run Pierre.

1st down Saints

Bell breaks one 28 yards and then gets 15 taken off for trash talking as he got up.  Sales of the Mike Bell jersey look set to drop.

1st down Saints at Bucs 24.

Drew Brees to Marques Colston for a pick up of 8.

Mike Bell on a draw play and... He picks up 13.  Excellent head down running by the Bellmeister.

1st and goal at the Bucs 3.

Mike Bell up the middle and... TOUCHDOWN!!  Great hard running on that drive by the Saints backs and Mike Bell jersey sales go through the roof once again.  Hey, what can I say, I'm fickle!

Mike Bell Jersey
The Mike Bell Jersey - Get it whilst it's HOT!

Saints 31 Bucs 7

1st down Bucs at their own 20.

Josh Freeman tries to throw to a Saints DB but opts for some Buc for a 6 yard pick up.  2nd and 4.

Freeman to Bryan for 12.  Leigh Torrence made the tackle and goes straight back out the game as he's popped his shoulder again. 

1st down Bucs.

Freeman pressured and throws the ball at the turf.

This time a miracle is witnessed as Freeman completes to Winslow for 6.  3rd and 4.

Freeman again throws to a crowd of Saints and it goes incomplete.  Is he color blind perhaps?  Even if he was the Bucs would be black and the Saints white so that theory doesn't work.  Theory 2: Josh Freeman is a bit shit?  Yep that's the one.

1st down Saints at their own 18, 2.38 in the 3rd.

Mike Bell over left tackle for 3.  2nd and 7.

The Mike Bell jersey containing Mike Bells body takes the ball 2 more to bring up 3rd and 5.

Drew Brees yells at Jeremy Shockey to catch this pass and... Jeremy Shockey takes it for 13 to the Saints 36.

1st down Saints.

The Pierre Thomas jersey containing the body of Pierre Thomas takes the ball 23 yards to end the 3rd Quarter and I'm off to grab a beer.  See you in the 4th.

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