Sunday, November 22, 2009

Reggie Bush Gets Jacked Up

Poor little Reggie Bush.  No sooner does he put in a stellar performance against the St Louis Rams than his knee gets bent out of shape and he misses the Bucs game as highlighted in yesterdays Reggie Bush injury status post.

The Saints RBs' career has been plagued with injuries and little wonder when you take a look at this video in which Reggie Bush gets jacked up first by Sheldon Brown of the Eagles and then in a USC college game.

Reggie Bush Gets Jacked Up

Those are two of the hardest shots you could possibly take on a football field.  It's little wonder that Reggie spends a fair amount of time on the sidelines when his body has taken hits like that in his career.  I don't care how much prep work and conditioning you undertake, you are not going to take those kind of blows and not wear the old body down.

It's a great shame to see him out yet again given what a fantastic athlete little Reggie Bush (as his mum surely still calls him) is but the physicality of the game is one of the main reasons we love football and without shots like that it wouldn't be the same sport.  In fact it's shots like that which compel kids to go to the effort of even posting up Madden jacked up moments like the following on YouTube:

Reggie Bush Gets Jacked Up by Troy Polamalu on Madden

Talk about a hit.  I'm glad only virtual Reggie felt that one as real life Reggie has enough on his plate dealing with his past injuries.

So, to leave this post on a more even note, why don't we sit back and enjoy NFL players other than Reggie Bush getting jacked up.  


  1. Wow, those are some shots he takes in them videos. I would hate to be jacked up like that. Gotta leave you concust or at least with a huge headache.

    Go Reggie Bush!! Boo Sheldon Brown!!