Monday, November 30, 2009

Saints Injury Report for Patriots game

We're only hours away from the Saints Patriots showdown on Monday Night Football and I for one am nervous beyond belief.  Not so much because of the perfect record, which to me is a bit of an albatross round our collective necks, but more because I fear loosing home field advantage to the Vikings.  My nervous disposition is not helped therefore by the following Saints injury report.

It looks like we could be without the heart of the defence Jonathan Vilma.  Along with that we also have the ongoing tragedy of the Saints banged up secondary.  It looks like we will once again be without the likes of Tracy Porter, Randall Gay and Jabari Greer.  That's not the best news when going up against Tom Brady, Wes Welker, Randy Moss and Co.

On the offensive side of the ball we could be without Reggie Bush, Lance Moore, Jonathan Goodwin and Carl Nicks.

Here's the complete list at the time of posting a couple of hours before kick off:

Bobby McCray Saints DE - Knee injury, status questionable

Jonathan Vilma Saints LB - Knee injury, status questionable

Carl Nicks Saints G - Illness, status probable

Lance Moore Saints WR - Ankle injury, status doubtful

Tracy Porter Saints CB - Knee injury, status doubtful

Reggie Bush Saints RB - Knee injury, status questionable

Randall Gay Saints CB - Hamstring injury, status questionable

Jonathan Goodwin Saints C - Ankle injury, status questionable

Jabari Greer Saints CB - Groin injury, status questionable

Big love and peace to the Saints nation.  Here's hoping we blow them out the water early but somehow I don't feel it right now.

For the latest Reggie Bush injury news week in week out please visit the Reggie Bush Injury Report.

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