Sunday, November 22, 2009

NO Jerseys Vs Bucs 4th Quarter

We open the 4th Quarter with the Saints dominating this game and Josh Freeman looking like a guy with amnesia who doesn't know he's a Quarterback. The Saints lead 31 to 7 and have possession at the Bucs 41.

Bell up the middle picks up 6.  2nd and 4.

Brees overthrows Darnell Dinkins to bring up 3rd and 4.

Next play Pierre Thomas takes the ball 7 yards for a 1st down to the Bucs 27.  Nice work Tommy boy.

Pierre Thomas Jersey
The Pierre Thomas Jersey Getting it Done

Mike Bell hammers his way for 2 more.  2nd and 8.

Mike Bell this time hops around for a while before deciding to pick a hole and gains a massive 1 yard more.  3rd and 7.

Draw play Pierre Thomas and after spinning, twisting and dancing he takes it 19 yards to the Bucs 7.  Great run by Thomas.  That's 92 off 11 carries today for the Saints ace number 23.  I think I'm going to ask for a Pierre Thomas jersey for Xmas... but then I've asked for a Mike Bell jersey already... and a Darren Sharper jersey... and a... basically I want them all, OK?

1st down and goal.

Mike Bell drives up the middle for 2.  2nd and goal at the 4.

Mike Bell battles his way for 3 and a half yards.  3rd and goal.

Mike Bell dives over the pile and... TOUCHDOWN!!  And the 2 Bucs fans still in the stadium are booing bless their little crying hearts.  Great effort again there by the Saints RB's and linemen on that drive.  Talk about a perfectly balanced offence who can dominate through the air or ground on consecutive drives.

Mike Bell Jersey
Is it a Bird?  A Plane?  No it's SuperBell

Saints 38 Bucs 7.  So that's 38 unanswered points?  Most excellent.

1st down Bucs at their own 20.

Freeman to someone for 6.

Derrick Ward pounds out a load up the middle for a 1st down at the 35.

Freeman looks deep to someone who wasn't there but Usama Young is called for doing something bad (pass interference).  Bucs ball at the Saints 45.

Freeman to Bryant who gets hammered after a pick up of 6.

Freeman to Winslow for 4 and a 1st at the Saints 35.

Freeman decides it's time to throw to a Saints player again but this time Chris Reis decides we've had enough interceptions for the day and drops the ball.  2nd and 10.

Freeman looks for a Buc this time and completes to Ward for 4.  3rd and 6.

Freeman to Ward again for a couple so we're looking at 4th and 2.

Freeman drops back and throws to a camera man with a long zoom lens on the sidelines.  I'm assuming he didn't want his picture taken so was trying to take the cameraman out... it's literally the only thing I can think of given that a guy paid millions of dollars threw a ball so beyond any team mate on 4th and 2.  Those 2 Bucs fans left in the Disney World stadium look bemused.

1st down Saints at their own 27 with 6.47 on the clock.

Mark Brunell checks into the game as Drew Brees hits the showers early to clip his toe nails as he's taking Mrs Brees out for a steak dinner tonight.

We're quickly to 3rd and 3.

Future Saints Hall of Famer Lynell Hamilton takes it 2 yards to bring up 4th and 1 and Sean Payton is going for it... and gets it, no sweat.  Hamilton ran hard.

Hamilton again for 5.  Next up Hamilton slips on that banana skin from the 1st Quarter and only picks up 1.  3rd and 4.

Hamilton picks up a couple more to bring up 4th and 2.  Hamilton gets the call again and he's stuffed for a loss so the Saints give up the ball on downs and I give up writing about it as there's only 2 mins left and this one is in the bag.

No sooner do I write that than Freeman bombs the ball straight to Chris Reis who adds another pick to the Saints tally and takes the team total to 20.  We now lead the NFL in takeaways and wrap up the game with a nice pretty red bow.

So can I first thank Josh Freeman for being such an obliging host today.  It's rare you encounter an opponent who is so willing you to win on their home turf.  Secondly start to whisper it and then get louder and louder:

N.O. Ten and 0
N.O. Ten and 0
N.O. Ten and 0
N.O. Ten and 0
N.O. Ten and 0!!!!

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