Sunday, November 15, 2009

Saints Vs Rams 1st Quarter report

Welcome folks as we enter the blandest dome in the NFL for the Week 10 match up between the undefeated New Orleans Saints and the mighty (bad) St. Louis Rams.  As kick off approaches the Falconer promises to eat his own hat if the Saints loose this one (and the Falconer has some very big hats... actually 3 Sombreros and 3 cowboy hats... I hope it doesn't come to that as a) I rather like my hat collection and b) I'm not very good at eating straw and felt if truth be told).

The weekend starts here as Thomas Morstead kicks us off and Jo-Lonn Dunbar stuffs the returner at the 13, great job by Dunbar. 

The Rams start with an incomplete pass.
On 2nd and 10 Charles Grant lines up offside for 5 yard pen.
Steven Jackson breaks a big one out to the Rams 48.  He broke a Vilma arm tackle at the line of scrimmage on the way to that big gain.

1st down Rams and a slant pass for an 8 yard gain.
False start pen against the Rams.  2nd and 7.
Steven Jackson up the middle for 4.  That's 2 runs so far to the right - is that a weakness they've identified?
3rd and 4.
Vilma almost sacks Mark Bulger who just about gets it away.
So the Rams have to punt and it goes out of bounds at the Saints 25.

So in come the New Orleans Saints offence led by General Drew Brees, Colonel Colston, Major Meachem, Private Pierre Thomas and Brigadiers Bush and Bell.  Sergeant Shockey is peeling potatoes.

1st down Saints.  11.57 on the clock.
Bell 3 yards up middle.
Pitch to Bush to the right and a gain of 16.  Nice.

1st down at the Saints 41.
Thomas breaks a tackle and picks up 3.
Brees to Shockey but the big man is hit as the ball gets there and a Ram intercepts at the Saints 47.

1st down male sheep.
A running back is stuffed by Scott Shanle.
Bulger to Jackson who takes it in but is tackled by Shanle. 3rd and 2.
Slant pass, 1st down.

Pass to Jackson, missed tackle Fujita, and Steven J needs all the Saints to tackle him.  Impressive.

1st down 19. 
Roman Harper tackles Jackson for 1.
Mark Bulger throws and...Usama Young intercepts in the end zone and returns the ball to the Saints 25!  Great job Usama.  Darren Sharper on the sidelines looking very happy with Mr. Young.  The Saints now lead the NFL in the interception category with 17.

1st down 6.44 on the clock.

Brees to Saints TE David Thomas, number 85 for those checking the roster, for a pick up of 3.

Reggie Bush flipped after a 3 yard carry.  3rd and 4.
Brees to Shockey on the sidelines for a 1st down at the 36.

1st down New Orleans. 
Mike Bell over left tackle for 3.
Thomas over left picks up 3.  3rd and 4.
Brees to David Thomas (AGAIN) to the Rams 40, a pick up of 18.

1st down Saints. 
Brees to Thomas for 1.
Draw play to Reggie Bush for 4.  3rd and 5.
Drew Brees to Devery Henderson downfield and... Completes to the Rams 14 for a pick up of 21.  That maintains his average of 21 yards per catch throughout his career, quite incredible.  Also quite incredible/mildly impressive, that's the 3rd straight 3rd down conversion in a row on this drive.

1st down. 
Thomas runs for 2.
Bush up the middle, cuts back for 3.  3rd and 5.  Good move by Bush to pick up something from that.

END OF THE 1ST QUARTER with the scores Saints 0 Rams 0.

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