Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Pierre Thomas Getting Back To His Best + Training Camp Talk

The league's most underrated starting HB Pierre Thomas talking about the Saints ground game and his health. Love Pierre. He's such a great asset to the Saints. I hope he has a great year as that will mean we're in business.'s Ken Trahan and Lenny Vangilder break down the Saints training camp to date including the move to Oxnard and the implications for the team. I like what they say about Morgan. I do wonder if Devery Henderson could be vulnerable given his drop off last year. Maybe not but always good to keep the heat on until the end of camp.

Take a peak at the Saints in practise at their Training Camp in Oxnard, California.

Monday, August 22, 2011

Sean Payton Unhappy With Team And With Good Reason

Apart from the fact that our first string D couldn't stop the run or passing game I thought we looked pretty good against the Texans - well at least when the D was stood on the sidelines.

Particularly impressive were most of the guys trying to lay claim to the starting spots. At one time I saw Paul Oliver standing with his hand on hip and helmet in the other. I took this to be a good sign. Now if he can just improve that stance by placing two hands in his lap whilst sitting in the stands I'd feel a lot better about our chances. In fact if the whole D could do that for the rest of the week and study game film that would be good.

What they'd start to notice is the fact they got man handled by a not overly good Houston front. Running lanes the size of the Atlantic were open, time was had in the pocket and I think I even saw Matt Schaub knitting a jumper at one point such was the time afforded to his drop backs.

Oh well, it is still pre season, the coaches haven't had the players for that long but I do hope it serves as a wake up call. Some fires need to be lit under some players asses this week if they want to keep their jobs.

In better news the more I see of Mark Ingram and Darren Sproles the more I think our O will fly this year. Add to that the fact butter fingers Meacham took a very difficult over the shoulder catch and things are on the up in places (did I spy stickem on his gloves?).

The continued development of Chase Daniels is another plus point as is the emergence of wee Mr Morgan. Will he make the team? I sure hope so on the evidence of these two outings. A wildcard if ever I saw one.

So overall some hope and some nail biting ahead.

And now to really whet your appetites here's the kick off commercial for the Saints and Packers game. Let's get ready to rumble!!

Friday, August 19, 2011

Saints Training Camp Videos

A couple of vids from the training facility today. I love watching practise even if through a shaky hand cam.

Here's one of Brees working out with his WR's.

Hang on in there for this one as eventually you'll see a nice Darren Sproles cut back en route to a score.

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Saints Camp and Pre Season Black And Gold Report Breakdown

Here's a good in depth breakdown from the boys at Times-Picayune on the Saints Camp and Pre Season 1st game.

It was worrying to see the complete lack of running lanes for most run plays. Unless the boys upfront can start to get it done it doesn't matter who we have in the backfield as they ain't gonna go anywhere. That remains troubling. It's like having gold in the bank when all you need is a dollar for a candy bar.

Great to see Will Smith powering in. Back to being fast and sharp.

I saw yesterday some goon on the message board over at NOLA questioning whether Brees should be replaced by Daniels. I don't know about you but that was one dumb question and made me open the window just to let the bad smell off my computer.

How can anyone question Brees' right to the starting job. Ludicrous. Yes the O didn't click at all times last year but Brees remains head and shoulders the most important individual on the roster and it was only because others weren't doing their jobs at times that he had to force things. How many of his picks last year were from tipped balls? Answer, a lot.

Some people don't know which side their bread is buttered on.

Interesting to hear Williams is dialling up more 3-4 sets. Whilst we don't have the LB's of the Dome Patrol era to get it done from the OLB positions I trust in Williams to go through these motions to keep the opposing O's on their toes. The more he out thinks the fox the more I like our chances.


Jon Stinchcomb leaving is a big shot in the ass for anyone getting complacent. A great guy and team player who unfortunately was not getting it done as well last year because of injury. Clearly the coaches felt he wasn't going to get back to his peak so they had to let him go.

That kind of decision reinstills the need for guys to concentrate and work hard as emotion doesn't come into personel decisions and that's the way it should be.

Jon you were a top leader, a great player and a great guy and we salute you. I hope you find a home elsewhere.

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Jon Stinchcomb released

A sad day any time a stalwart of the team leaves and so its only right to say thank-you to Jon Stinchcomb for all the hard work and effort he put into being the best he could be for our Saints.

Clearly a big presence in the locker room and someone who will be missed. Good luck Jon to you and your family and I know everything pans out for you.

Clearly Coach Payton was torn by the decision. Like anything you work with good people day in day out but the practicalities of life and business sometimes mean you have to move on and let your head rule your heart.

Jon Stinchcomb, a linchpin of the Saints 1st Super Bowl win and a great guy all round. Who Dat Jon!

Monday, August 15, 2011

Saints 49ers Post Game Analysis

Things we learned this week:

Good stuff
* Free agent rookie Joseph Morgan knows how to make a nice cut in a return and could be an outside bet for a spot on this team,

* The pass rush looked good and we got like a gazzilion sacks,

* Mark Ingram nabbed the first of the 250 career touchdowns he'll score in a Saints uniform en route to a Hall of Fame spot - A 'Where were you when' moment if ever I saw one,

* Chase Daniel was pretty good and it was great to see Courtney Roby getting time as a receiver (I love Mr pineapple head).

Bad stuff

* No matter how much you want football to return you suddenly remember you have to get through a heck of a lot of mediocre pre season football to get through,

* Robert Meachem still has butter for fingers,

* The 35 yard line kick off will mean 100% touch backs in most games,

* Drew Brees got hit from behind below the knee on the first series. I literally lost it for 0.024573 seconds until I realised he was OK. Still I'll never get those 0.024573 seconds back.

OK now the latest on Tracy Porter, Marques Colston and other news from the Saints camp.

Friday, August 12, 2011

The Saints Are Coming

Check out this nice combination of Saints clips from recent years which also highlights some of our boys positions in the NFL top 100. Nice to see Colston getting some much overdue recognition at number 53 and General Doom Vilma at 37.

Next season I predict we'll see even more make that top 100 list after our march to the Super Bowl (getting ahead of myself? You better believe it).

And here's a very short vid of Brees throwing deep to Robert Meachem during training camp and not connecting. Dare I say some things will never change? Nah, he'll get there. Come on Robert, this is your break out year. Focus, focus, focus.

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Saints Running Game Garnering Attention

Finally it seems some of the national press are waking up to the potential beast of a backfield the Saints are likely to deploy this coming season and it truly makes the heart sing.

In this USA Today piece Jon Saraceno breaks down the key attributes and skills on offer by our multi talented core and concludes that we could have a hum dinger (well der - but then what's obvious to us may not have registered league wide until now so I'll let you off Jon).

He points out the productivity breakdown between Reggie Bush and Darren Sproles and it truly makes for great reading.

To paraphrase "In 78 NFL games, Sproles has produced nearly 10,000 all-purpose yards. Bush, in 60 games, has less than 5,000. "Bang for your buck," Bobby Hebert says."

Who Ahh! Play action baby.

Speaking of which here's a good interview with Drew 'Play Action Oscar Winner' Brees on the teams' prospects.

And just when you thought it couldn't get any better here's some analysis on our much maligned Special Teams.

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Saints Training Camp Interview with Jo-Lonn Dunbar and Jabari Greer

Good to hear Saints LB Jo-Lonn Dunbar eulogising about the tough running of Mark Ingram. The way he says it we may well have the next Emmit Smith on our hands (well hey you've got to think positive!).

Next up Saints cornerback Jabari Greer talks about the plus points of moving their upcoming practices to Oxnard, California. Go Jabari! Gotta love this man.

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Saints Depth Chart and Front 7 Video Analysis

Jeff Duncan takes an in-depth look at the Saints depth chart following the first week of training camp. As always some sound analysis from Mr Duncan.

Shame to hear Heath Evans is on his way out since this vid was made. A great locker room guy and option when healthy. Good luck Heath, I'm sure you'll have success wherever you go.

Now here's a vid reflecting on the Saints front 7 from last season. It's going to be much changed come kick off. By all intents and purposes it should be improved but we wait and hope.

If we can find a fix and a solid run stuffing unit we will be an incredibly balanced team so here's hoping. I like the signings to date so looking forward to seeing the boys in action.

Monday, August 8, 2011

Drew Brees Training Camp Video

After the long absence from football its great to see the first real flickers of action as captured in this footage from the Saints training camp.

Drew Brees drops back in the pocket and looks down field, with receivers covered he scrambles to his left and unleashes a bullet to Lance Moore who scampers into the end zone.

OK so I'm a bad commentater but heck you can see from yourself from this footage that the magic is coming together.

And now that has got you in the mood how about a bit of a fans mash up video to get you counting the days even faster.

Friday, August 5, 2011

First Impressions on Mark Ingram

Exciting initial report on Mark Ingrams first practises alternating with Pierre. That sucker punch could be great. Throw in Sproles and Ivory and you've just got versitility in every way.

Still a shame to hear Lynell Hamilton has been cut. He was really unlucky to lose his shot last year with the ACL. A real team player and someone coach Payton loved.

Let's hope he gets picked up and given the shot he deserves. Should he not then I'm sure we'll sign him up come mid season.

Thursday, August 4, 2011

David Thomas Talks About Drew Brees Plus Excellent Season Trailer

Every day my nerves jingle each time I check for updates on the Saints front office decisions. Sometimes its great, Lance Moore, Darren Sproles, sometimes not so great but understandable, Reggie Bush, Randall Gay, Jonathan Goodwin.

Still I largely feel we've kept the real key components and one such player is Tight End David Thomas. He's much underrated. What I love is his team ethic and the fact he is always open in the check down and a safe pair of hands for Brees to go to.

As such it was excellent news to hear him agreeing to terms with the team on Tuesday. Here’s Thomas talking about Brees and how he came to the decision.

Also check out this excellent short teaser trailer for the upcoming season. Man it got me pumped. I can't wait for this to begin. This is our year!

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Malcom Jenkins Highlights Video

Here’s a video of Saints Safety Malcom Jenkins highlighting his days at Ohio State until his times in New Orleans. What a football player we have on our hands. Barring injury we could have a Pro Bowl lock down for the next decade at that position.

And welcome to the team Cam Jordan. I'm hoping your quarterback eating skills will see Jenkins nab himself a couple of extra picks this year.

Jeff Duncan breaks down the Saints' undrafted rookies

Jeff Duncan from Times-Picayune made this special report about the New Orleans Saints’ undrafted rookie free agents following their workout on day four of training camp.

What are your early impressions of these rookies? And which rookie overall is going to have the biggest impact? Cam, Wilson, Ingram or other?