Friday, August 12, 2011

The Saints Are Coming

Check out this nice combination of Saints clips from recent years which also highlights some of our boys positions in the NFL top 100. Nice to see Colston getting some much overdue recognition at number 53 and General Doom Vilma at 37.

Next season I predict we'll see even more make that top 100 list after our march to the Super Bowl (getting ahead of myself? You better believe it).

And here's a very short vid of Brees throwing deep to Robert Meachem during training camp and not connecting. Dare I say some things will never change? Nah, he'll get there. Come on Robert, this is your break out year. Focus, focus, focus.


  1. Thanks for using my video. I have some good ones including this one with Sproles breaking out a big run:

    Check my channel for others.

  2. Pleasure, thought it was cool. I've subscribed to your channel so will post up when I see new ones. Thanks for posting up. Check in anytime.