Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Saints Camp and Pre Season Black And Gold Report Breakdown

Here's a good in depth breakdown from the boys at Times-Picayune on the Saints Camp and Pre Season 1st game.

It was worrying to see the complete lack of running lanes for most run plays. Unless the boys upfront can start to get it done it doesn't matter who we have in the backfield as they ain't gonna go anywhere. That remains troubling. It's like having gold in the bank when all you need is a dollar for a candy bar.

Great to see Will Smith powering in. Back to being fast and sharp.

I saw yesterday some goon on the message board over at NOLA questioning whether Brees should be replaced by Daniels. I don't know about you but that was one dumb question and made me open the window just to let the bad smell off my computer.

How can anyone question Brees' right to the starting job. Ludicrous. Yes the O didn't click at all times last year but Brees remains head and shoulders the most important individual on the roster and it was only because others weren't doing their jobs at times that he had to force things. How many of his picks last year were from tipped balls? Answer, a lot.

Some people don't know which side their bread is buttered on.

Interesting to hear Williams is dialling up more 3-4 sets. Whilst we don't have the LB's of the Dome Patrol era to get it done from the OLB positions I trust in Williams to go through these motions to keep the opposing O's on their toes. The more he out thinks the fox the more I like our chances.


Jon Stinchcomb leaving is a big shot in the ass for anyone getting complacent. A great guy and team player who unfortunately was not getting it done as well last year because of injury. Clearly the coaches felt he wasn't going to get back to his peak so they had to let him go.

That kind of decision reinstills the need for guys to concentrate and work hard as emotion doesn't come into personel decisions and that's the way it should be.

Jon you were a top leader, a great player and a great guy and we salute you. I hope you find a home elsewhere.

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