Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Jeff Duncan breaks down the Saints' undrafted rookies

Jeff Duncan from Times-Picayune made this special report about the New Orleans Saints’ undrafted rookie free agents following their workout on day four of training camp.

What are your early impressions of these rookies? And which rookie overall is going to have the biggest impact? Cam, Wilson, Ingram or other?


  1. It is too early to tell what sort of impact Ingram will have, but I do have high hopes for him. I've watched him play at 'Bama for the past couple of years (since I live in Alabama, it was impossible not to see him!). One thing is for sure - unlike Reggie, Ingram played in the SEC, which means he knows how to take hits. He'll be better prepared for the NFL.

  2. I agree. Saw him play a fair bit and like the fact he's such a pounder. I have real high hopes for him.

    As for Cam Jordan signing I'm glad that's not dragged on any later as all rookies need as much time in camp as possible. I have high hope he will add to what is a much changed D line now. I trust in our coaches enough to think they're making upgrades here as they know the weakness.

    If we can up that harrassment of QBs without having to send the house then we would have a perfectly balanced team. Rely on the O to march out to leads like in 09, let the D take the picks or stop of downs and then run out the 4th with Ingram wearing the opposition down.

    I like it. I like it a lot.