Monday, August 15, 2011

Saints 49ers Post Game Analysis

Things we learned this week:

Good stuff
* Free agent rookie Joseph Morgan knows how to make a nice cut in a return and could be an outside bet for a spot on this team,

* The pass rush looked good and we got like a gazzilion sacks,

* Mark Ingram nabbed the first of the 250 career touchdowns he'll score in a Saints uniform en route to a Hall of Fame spot - A 'Where were you when' moment if ever I saw one,

* Chase Daniel was pretty good and it was great to see Courtney Roby getting time as a receiver (I love Mr pineapple head).

Bad stuff

* No matter how much you want football to return you suddenly remember you have to get through a heck of a lot of mediocre pre season football to get through,

* Robert Meachem still has butter for fingers,

* The 35 yard line kick off will mean 100% touch backs in most games,

* Drew Brees got hit from behind below the knee on the first series. I literally lost it for 0.024573 seconds until I realised he was OK. Still I'll never get those 0.024573 seconds back.

OK now the latest on Tracy Porter, Marques Colston and other news from the Saints camp.

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