Friday, August 5, 2011

First Impressions on Mark Ingram

Exciting initial report on Mark Ingrams first practises alternating with Pierre. That sucker punch could be great. Throw in Sproles and Ivory and you've just got versitility in every way.

Still a shame to hear Lynell Hamilton has been cut. He was really unlucky to lose his shot last year with the ACL. A real team player and someone coach Payton loved.

Let's hope he gets picked up and given the shot he deserves. Should he not then I'm sure we'll sign him up come mid season.


  1. I am stoked about this season. And, even better, the Saints seem to have returned to their normal mode of flying under the radar. All the sports radio pundits are talking about every team but the Saints, right now. I am in my comfort zone.

  2. It's a hangover from the days when we were off the radar. The big city analysts still can't bear to take us seriously at times - that or they just continue to play to the big markets to appease the sponsors - hey I'm not cynical but come on, who are they kidding? The Saints are going to be THE team this year. They are potentially a more complete outfit than the LEGENDS of 2009 and that's saying something!

    I am like a kid locked outside a candy store right now waiting for the big kick off. I just watch and wait for twitter updates to come in at all hours. It's great.

    Enjoy the comfort zone. With any luck we'll be largely ignored till at least week 6 when we're standing 6 and 0. Keeps the pressure and expectation off.

  3. Another Super Bowl Win for the Saints, would send the NFL world into a tizzy. Go Saints!

  4. Cheers Coach. I truly hope so. We'll be happy to oblige. We've got a hell of a chance with this combo of coaches and personnel.