Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Drew Breeze Saints MVP Vs Falcons

What was shaping up to be a comfortable victory for the Saints once again ended up being closer than was hoped to leave fans gripped to the very end.  Fortunately for the Who Dat Nation enough of the Saints A team showed up at the right times to see through another win in this incredible season.  Leading the charge was Captain Fantastic himself Drew Breeze, the Air Freshener man.
Drew Breeze Saints MVP
Drew Breeze Saints Very Own Air Freshener

Drew Breeze Saints MVP - Mr Saints himself brought enough class to the game to keep the Saints in pole position in the NFC heading into the playoffs.  His calm direction of the Saints offence is one of those things that always keeps me relatively at ease...  I mean I'm still hopping in and out of my chair, pounding away at the keyboard and in constant meltdown but at least with Cool Breeze I can keep some semblance of normality somewhere deep inside.  You always know he'll figure it out and serve up something good in a matter of plays.

Drew Brees MVP
Mr Breeze - Too Hot To Handle

And so it proved as Cool Hand Drew (anymore nicknames for this piece?) carved up the Falcons ending the day with a more than respectable 31 of 40 for for 296 yards and 3 big ones.

Honourable mention to...

Reggie Bush Speed Man - Great to see Sir Reginald Bush back to approaching his best with some impressive running and receiving out of the back field.  He picked up 33 on the ground, including a sweet 19 yard breaker, 46 in the air and a pair of scores.

Will Reggie Bush be traded come the end of the season?  Frankly who gives a damn.  Let's live in the NOW people!  And what a NOW!!

Jonathan Vilma 51 Mean Machine - Good Ol Jonny Boy showed once again why he is the Saints D captain with some impressive tackling, not least on his game ending tackle on 4th and short.  Throw in a nice pic and all round great energy and you've got a bundle of muscle that the Saints can ill afford to loose come playoff time.

The Saints O Line - Sometimes it's only when you watch other teams in action that you realise just what an incredible job these guys continue to do week in week out.  Watching Big Ben on the floor every other play against the Cleveland Browns (the Cleveland Browns people!) put me in mind of the unflashy cornerstone job these boys do.  I hope Drew takes them out for Steaks every Sunday, it's the least he could do for his Coxis.


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  2. Nice to meet both of you. How are you? You looking forward to Saturday nights game against the Cowboys? The injuries seem to be mounting a little bit so it would be nice to see some more health being shared around the team.

  3. I've had it bottled up all week...

    When I saw Vilma blast that falcon on fourth down and wipe the fresh spleen and blood off of his facemask, yeah; yeah, that was cool.

    Vilma knocked that dude bad.

  4. Totally agree. It was great to see a Saints defender make such a hard hitting tackle on such a crucial play. Some of our tackling in recent weeks has been too loose. So to see Vilma wrap him up on his own was great.

    Just hope that continues as I'm still nervous about our current D's ability to get it done against better O's in the playoffs. I want the D that showed up for the Dolphins game to come back as they stopped some promising drives with gang tackling.