Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Drew Brees Saints MVP Vs. Patriots

The Saints team put in a performance to remember against the Patriots on Monday night.  They dominated New England on so many levels that I ended up wondering why I had been so tense during the Saints pre game chant.

As a result there are MVP candidates throughout the roster.  However there was one man who raised his game to such a plateau that it's hard to think of anything more he could have done.  I am of course talking about the Saintsational Drew Brees my MVP for Week 11.

Drew Brees Saints MVP - Words fail me when it comes to describing our Quarterback and leader.  He played out of his skin from the get go completing down the left sidelines to Devery Henderson and never let up thereafter.

Drew Brees Saints
All Hail Drew Brees 

He inspired his team pre kick off with the now famous Drew Brees chant and then proceeded to maul the Pats secondary into submission.  His passing was accurate beyond belief, he read the Pats D making adjustments on the fly and he had the mastering of everything Bill Belichick could throw at him.

Some of his connections to the back shoulders of his receivers were simply the work of genius and it must have totally demoralised the Pats at times because the coverage was often pretty good.  He simply had the tenacity and ability to exploit any small hole and so proved to the nation what an incredible Quarterback he is.

Drew Brees Saints MVP
Drew Brees Saints MVP

Mr Drew Bees take a bow before the Who Dat Nation because you have once again displayed that you are a genius and a Saints legend in the making.  The numbers don't lie and to end the day 18 of 23 for 371 yards and 5, repeat that, 5 Touchdowns against the New England Patriots on Monday Night Football is some feat!  Incredible.

Honourable mention must go to...

Just about everybody else on the roster!  From the offensive line to the coaching staff, from the backup secondary personal to the return team, everyone showed up with their A game and deserve all the plaudits they get.

Fronting the cue for special mention however must be the returning hero Mike McKenzie.  To be out for so long and then be thrust into the action against the likes of Welker, Moss and Aitken is hard enough but to have the beating of them?  Well that takes a special kind of competitor and a special kind of heart and I hereby salute you my man.  You kept the jam in the doughnut, the burger in the bun and the beer in the bottle so to speak.  The shootout was kept for one team only thanks to some veteran reading of the game and a classic break on a Brady ball for a decisive interception.   

Before I go just one final shout out... to you, the Who Dat Nation.  Those of you in the Super Dome on Monday played your part with non stop ear splitting sound.  I love the fact we have the best fans in the World and just hope we secure home field advantage all the way through the post season because then we can continue to play our part in supporting the team in the only way we can.  Big love.

Who Dat Nation
Who Dat Nation Raising the Roof

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  1. I agree 100% with Drew Brees as this week's MVP choice. He surgically exercised that win with a tremendous team behind him.