Sunday, December 13, 2009

Saints Vs Falcons 4th Quarter

Welcome to the 4th Quarter with the Saints leading 23 to 16 but with the big birds driving in Saints territory.

Saints Falcons
Must Stop The Falcons Comeback!

3rd and 1 Falcons.  Big play coming up.
Hand off to Snelling who breaks the line easily and picks up 4.

1st down Falcons at the Saints 22.
Toos to Norwood who picks up 1 before Charles Grant eats him up.  2nd and 9.  We need to hold this as the Vikings are going to beat the Bengals as off now.
Redman to Gonzalez who breaks a tackle and takes it to the 4.  Great tackle by Will Smith.

1st and goal Falcons.
Snelling powers his way up the middle for a touchdown.  Bounced off attempted tackles and makes this tight all over again.

Saints 23 Falcons 23

1st down Saints at their 17 as Courtney Roby was stuffed on the return.
Brees rolls right and hits Devery Henderson... who drops it.  That’s 2 on the day for DH.  2nd and 10.
Brees to an open Marques Colston over the middle and he runs a few to pick up the 1st.

1st and 10 at the Saints 29.
Hand off to Pierre Thomas who goes wide left and picks up a nice 9.  2nd and 1.
Pierre Thomas again who does a mini leap to pick up 5.

1st down Saints.
Brees under pressure dumps it off to David Thomas who picks up 4.  2nd and 6.
Brees to Colston who's forward progress picks up the 1st before he ends up a few yards back.

1st down Saints at the Falcons 47.
Reggie Bush takes it for a quick 2.  2nd and 8.
Brees to Devery Henderson who actually catches the ball, spins and picks up the 1st.  Ah I'm being harsh on DH there.  He's a great guy.

1st down Saints.
Pierre Thomas on a catch picks up 1.  We see Lance Moore on the sidelines suited up which is great to see.  Come back soon buddy.  2nd and 9.
Reggie Bush up the middle for 5 before he's nailed.  3rd and 4.
Brees throws into a crowd of Falcons but completes to Reggie Bush for a 1st.  Perfect throw.

1st down Saints at the Falcons 22.  6.20 on the clock.
Pierre Thomas takes it up the middle for 2.  2nd and 8.
Penalty flags come out on the next play... Which way is this going?  Both against Atlanta.  We take the pass interference one.

1st down Saints at the Falcons 10, 5.35 on the clock.
Brees in trouble has to throw it away.  2nd and 10.  Flag is out.  Intentional grounding.  Bullshit.  2nd and goal at the 20.
Brees incomplete to Meachem.  3rd and goal.  Huge play coming up.
Brees to Thomas in the flat who goes nowhere.  Balls.
In comes Garrett Hartley and this is going to be a pressure 38 yard kick...  And he makes it!!  Wow I had no confidence in him making that so well done.

Saints 26 Falcons 23

1st down Falcons at the 37 after Weems pulls out a big return.  Did we not need that.
Weems takes a reverse and looses a beautiful 12.  Great tackle Randall Gay.  2nd and 22.
Redman drops back and... Throws straight to Jonathan Vilma!!  The Saints interception leaves us in great field possession.

1st down Saints at the Falcons 32.
Pierre Thomas takes it up the middle for 5.  2nd and 5.
Brees one step drop unloads to Devery Henderson who spins to pick up the 1st.

1st down Saints at the 19.
Pierre Thomas takes the ball up the middle for 4.  He moved the pile nicely there.  2nd and 6.  2.23 on the clock.
Brees under pressure flips it forward to Thomas who can't pull it in.  3rd and 6.  2.18 on the clock.  This is a huge play.
Brees goes down the middle for David Thomas but it falls incomplete.  Damn.  Please God don't let the Hartley extra point miss come back to end the perfect season.
Hartley comes in for the field goal and it's a fake... Brunell goes to Dinkins but it goes incomplete.  Fuck me what was that about?  Kick the 3!

1st down Falcons at their own 15.
Redman to Snelling who is wide open and picks up a whole giant load.  That brings up the 2 minute warning and pains me unbelievably.

1st down Falcons at their 33.
Redman to Booker for 9.  2nd and 1.
Redman floats it to Roddy White but it goes incomplete.  3rd and 1.
Snelling bounces through missed tackles and picks up 3.

1st down Falcons.  1.32 on the clock.
Redman to Gonzalez incomplete.  2nd and 10.
Redman to Roddy White and... It’s incomplete.  Thank the heavens as that would have been a big gain.  3rd and 10.
Redman to Gonzalez completes but he's tackled short of the marker by Scott Shanle.  4th and 2.  Come on Dddddddd!!
Redman to Snelling but he is knocked back by Vilma from converting.  He made the grab but he was tackled a yard short.  Jonathan Vilma you are a legend!!

1st down Saints.
Brees takes a knee and the clock ticks down as the Saints win a close one to go 13 and 0!!  Wow.  A franchise record of wins in one season and starts.  That was tighter than I hoped but we came out with the win and that's what's important.  Some of the same old D problems were there but again we make big plays when needed to just about see things out.  Now beer beckons.

Saints 26 Falcons 23

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