Thursday, December 3, 2009

Reggie Bush High School Highlights

Here are some of the lil Reggie Bush High School highlights I found on YouTube.  Its pretty clear why college scouts would have been watering at the mouth having seen some of these moves.  Talk about making your job easy.

Lil Reggie Bush High School Highlights

That to me looks like a kid who does not know how to go down no matter how many hits are put on him.  He must have been a nightmare to play against at that level but great fun to watch from the stands.

This video has most of the same shots on display but with some cool slow mo to show you just how graceful and balanced his running style was even back then.

More Helix High School Reggie Bush Highlights
Finally this video combines some Helix High School and USC College footage to good effect.

Reggie Bush High School and College Highlights

I swear he had rockets in his shoes on some of those runs.  Damn that boy is fast.

Thanks to the YouTube users who posted up that footage.

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